Please pray for this situation


This in from my office manager about our receptionist. . . Please pray for this situation:

Virginia just phoned with news that her father (John) had fainted on Tuesday morning (12:15 am) while vacationing with the family. Phoning 911, he was taken immediately to Hospital where they made the decision to transport him to a specialized facility. He has been and still is in ICU with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. The family is waiting on MRI results and hopeful that he may be moved to a room today. Virginia has asked that her father be placed on all prayer chains and lists known by us.


Praying for her father.


Prayers :gopray2:








Praying for this family and continued strength and healing.


I will pray for John :signofcross:


I will pray for these intentions.


Dear Kaygee…Keeping John in prayer…Blessings with The Lord’s Peace…Barb


Praying for John’s recovery.:gopray2:




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