Please pray for this teenager


The name of this beautiful girl is Sophie. She is just 17 and in constant pain due to abnormal swelling of both of her leg muscles. She has been to many hospitals, the doctors say that she need to travel abroad for further treatment and operation to remove the problem and save her life. Her family is poor and it is not clear how long it will be before they can go abroad for treatment if at all. She has been unable to go to school and live a normal life like other children. She is lonely, but has not lost hope. Please pray with me that God, whose ear is inclined towards the needy, may heal her. And that Sophie and her family may see God through it all.


Praying! :gopray2:


Praying for Sophie!!:gopray: :crossrc:


Praying hard for Sophie!



Praying for Sophie. :gopray:


Praying for Sophie…


Thank you very much GandalfTheWhite, pyropam, 244Rocket, stitch and Sapphire for your prayers for Sophie!:slight_smile:


Will keep Sophia in prayer with St. Rita, patron of desperate causes…
St. Rita pray for her


This is amazing… What is this praying concept?


I am praying for Sophie.:byzsoc::byzsoc:


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