Please pray for toddler son


my son is 2 and started a new daycare. He is not adjusting, and got ill this week and stayed home for 2 days, and is not going well back in daycare. his teacher called and wanted me to get him because he wants to be held all the time and she can’t “hold him all day”. she says he’s still not feeling well and won’t eat, but he eats fine for me, plays and then also is not sick anymore and I know he is not - the dr even said he is fine.

He would not eat or drink AT ALL Tuesday there, and cried the whole time - and I wasn’t even notified till I picked up up after 10 hours!!! At least she called me today when he was acting like that, but when I came and got him he was separated by 10 feet or so from his class, against the wall on his bed crying for TWENTY minutes!!! She seemed to think this was not long at all for him to be separated from her and the group and crying. And there are 2 teachers - why can’t one take care of him?!?!?!

I thought I had calmed down about this, but writing it is making me angry again - he is my son!!! Uhh…I need prayers. I will have to talk to managment and please pray that I do the right thing - whever it’s keep him there, or look for a new place. I just want my baby to be happy and safe, and right now I am concerned for both of those!!!


Praying here!! Poor baby…


Praying for you both.


Will pray for you!


I will pray for your intentions.


Praying for your son. :gopray:


Praying for your son - and for your family during these tough times. May peace and comfort come to the whole family soon.




Dear Lord, please bring Your peace to this loving mother, and her young son. Give them the strength to do Your will. In Jesus name we pray.




You have my prayers dear friend along with your very sweet son. :gopray: I’m sorry you are going through this :frowning:


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