Please Pray for Two Families


One of my best friends is having a terrible time right now, and her marriage is close to falling apart. She is suffering and struggling, and I ask for any prayers to help heal her marriage and her heart.

Also, another friend’s young daughter will be going in for major surgery on Wednesday. Please pray that all will go well for her, and peace for her worried family.

Thank you all so very much!



You all will be in my night prayers.


Father, you know the needs of these families… Your will be done with their lives… Heal the sick Father, Heal the Marriages, grant them peace… In Jesus name I pray… AMEN




Praying for these too families!


Praying for these families…


Dear Lord, I ask that you consider the needs of both of these families, and send Your Holy Spirit to intervene, so that Your name may be praised forever. In Jesus name we pray.




Dear Krisy…Will keep your friend and her marriage as well as your other friend’s young daughter (surgery Wednesday) in prayer. Please let us know how the surgery goes…God bless you - Barb


May both families find comfort in the love of God during this difficult times.




Update: My friend’s daughter is out of surgery and is beginning her long recovery. The surgery was successful and she had less blood loss than expected. The surgery was to correct a spinal curvature. She is breathing on her own already, and she can wiggle her fingers and toes. Thank you all for your prayers–they are working!



Thank you so much, Krisy, for this happy update. Let us praise and thank our God! Continuing to pray for a happy recovery…Blessings - Barb

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