Please Pray for Union between Traditional Anglican Communion and See of Rome

My Dear Brothers & Sisters:

This is a Long-Term Prayer Request, and I beg you to include this in your prayers for the next year. Before I start, here is a little background from a Catholic TV show from Canada:

Catholic Focus - The TAC and The Holy See quest for Unity. or

As I understand it, what the Vatican and Archbishop Hepworth have been trying to negotiate is a situation where the TAC would be accepted as a body using the principles/articles first used to bring the various Eastern Catholic Churches into Communion with the Catholic Church.These are known as the Articles of Brest or Union of Brest.

The problem is that, about 2-1/2 years ago, I was involved in the now infamous “Anglicans to Rome” Threads. Apparently, my then Rector who was vehemently opposed to this union found out about a trial balloon the Vatican was about to float, and had me publish it in one of those threads. It completely blew up in my, the TAC’S and the Vatican’s, faces, and very nearly derailed the union I’m now begging you to pray for.

Please also pray for my former Rector who’s not only left the priesthood, but also left the church and the Lord.

And, Pray for me that I learn enough wisdom to avoid similar snares from the Enemy of the People of God.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

I will keep you, your Church and your priest in my prayers.

Joh 17:21 that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.

:amen: :gopray:

I will pray for these intentions.

I’ll pray for your intentions. We all love to see a union with these churches, and I pray that your former rector will return to God. :crossrc:

will do!:tiphat:

Adding this to my rosary offerings

Dear Brother, my husband and I have been praying for Unity we will continue. May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom and may you turn neither to the right hand nor the left but walk with His eye upon you.

Brothers & Sisters:

Thank you for your kind words, thoughts & prayers. Please make sure everyone you know prays fervently for this.

There were several Americans in the Catholic Church who expressed resentment at what they felt was the “Special Treatment” being accorded the TAC:

Anglicans to Rome - Thread 3

Anglicans to Rome - Thread 2

Anglicans to Rome?

(Was I ever an idiot to post that info - It was only to be a temporary situation to enable catechesis)

Esp. in the last 2 threads (Threads 2 & 3) which were downright nasty affairs where some made it clear that the last thing they wanted were Anglicans uniting with Rome.

Just to be clear, what Pope John Paul II had offered was what BAssisi discussed in the following posts - Those members and clergy who were never taught the Vatican I dogmas or the reasons for them would have been required to apply themselves to diligent study of them during an interum period of intercommunion while the Primate and Bishops of the TAC publicly assented to them and taught them to the rest of the body (That’s what was done in the Union of Brest):

Re: Anglicans to Rome? #241

Re: The Catholic Church #89

For whatever it’s worth, the vehemence of the reaction in the Anglicans to Rome threads caused the Vatican to rethink and to withdraw the offer. (That means Catholic Answers Forums has more influence than we’d like to admit)

I think the only way this will happen know is if there is if Catholics on CAF and elsewhere express support for the union between the TAC and Rome.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

Prayers for all of our separated (but still beloved) brothers in the Anglican faith.

Tell ya what - there’s a very ‘trad’-looking Anglican church near here that looks just beautiful - I just may pop in to say Morning Prayer with 'em one day! :wink:

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