Please pray - Husband out of work


My husband has been out of work since September. I am confident that the Lord will provide him with a new job when
the time is right, but please pray for us as we go through this
difficult time while we are waiting.

Thank you!


Donna, prayers said… God Bless


What field of work is he into? I grew up in that neck of the woods and still have family there in various professions. Are you right in the city or out in the 'burbs? Of course I will pray, but nothing says we can’t nudge things along a bit!!!


Just did. May God bless your husband with the perfect job.


Thank you for your prayers!

BlestOne, my husband is in Purchasing, Supply Chain.
We live in the N.E. section of the city. He also has a
background in Traffic Management and Logistics but then
went into the Purchasing end of the business he was in.
The company he worked for sold the business and the new
owners brought in their own people. Thank you for asking! :slight_smile:


Prayers for you and your husband.


I sent your prayer request to the Carmelite Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery, and I will pray for you all, too.

I can relate to your situation. My dh hasn’t had permanent employment for a couple of years in IT, but more jobs are opening up, so we have hopes he will get something this year.


I will pray for you and your husband.
My husband started his own home improvement company a couple of months ago.
He has not had much luck getting work.
I know how you feel.
This is a scary situation to be in.
I just try to keep in mind how God continues to meet all our needs in spite of lack of finances.
And of course I keep praying that God send him work.
As I will for you now.
God bless…

p.s. PM me anytime!!!


Hi Donna,
I will pray for you and your husband.
My husband has had problems finding work in his field(commercial Art). It can be scary.
Pray the rosary daily and do a novena to St. Joseph.
My thoughts are with you. Maria Rose


Ahhhh The NE huh? My ex MIL lived near Frankfort and Cottman on Aldine St. Have you looked into the burbs? I know Exton/Downingtown has gone very techish industrial… always looking for employees in Chester Co area and King of Prussia Area… not really a bad drive from NE Philly to King of Prussia… I will look into some businesses I know of… no promises though lots of prayers.


Thank you so much everyone for your prayers! Just today
he had two phone calls, he will have an interview tomorrow!

BlestOne, yes he has looked into companies in the burbs
too, all over the area. We are so grateful for your help!

I will pray for all of you also in our situation!

Hopefully we will have good news soon!


Oh Donna that is great!!! Praying for him here!!!:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:


May God be with him as he interviews for a new job. Been there, and there now. With prayers from far and near rising to His throne, God won’t let you husband down.


Dan had his interview yesterday and it went well. He is going
back for a second one on Wednesday. When he got home
he had an e-mail from another company he applied to that
wanted to meet with him. He left a message for the man
who contacted him since he was already gone for the day.
Please keep those prayers coming!


Wonderful! You have my prayers… I know being without a job can be very hard to deal with, I am glad you guys have put yourselves in the Lord’s Hands, He will take care of you!


Yesterday one of Dan’s target companies called him and
has set up a phone interview today at 3:30!
Thanks again for the prayers!


Still praying- I hope today’s interview goes well. Keep us updated as you can-


The phone interview today went very well to say the least!
The man he spoke to felt that there were two positions with
the company that Dan would be perfect for. He commented
that he thought that it might come down to two different
departments in the company fighting over him! We don’t
want to get too excited, but it is hard not to when you hear
things like that! This is one of the companies that he is
very interested in, it is supposed to be a good place to work.
Thanks again everyone, and I am also praying for others
here who are also out of work.


Good news! I’m still praying for you.:slight_smile:



The Lord has answered our prayers as I knew he would!
Dan was hired on Tuesday at a company that he has had
on his target list from the start! This company is a large
and growing one, with room to advance, they pay for
any further education you many want, the benefits are
good, he is making a good deal more money, and get
this - this company is located five minutes from our house!!

Thanks to everyone here who prayed for us! For anyone
else going through this now - trust in Jesus. I love the
Divine Mercy Chaplet and the image that goes with it.

The job I mentioned in the previous post with the two position
possiblity obviously didn’t work out which we had been
shocked at, but when it happend I told my husband that
it meant that Jesus had something better in store for
him, and that was certainly true!

Thanks again everyone!
Jesus, I trust in You! :slight_smile:

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