Please pray, I am doing something horibly grotesque

I am presently attempting a natural flush for my gallstones and it is tasting so utterly disgusting. :frowning: I have mixed the juice of three lemons with 1 1/2 cups of extra virgin olive oil and am drinking 2 tablespoons every fifteen minutes. I have taken 4 tablespoons and got like 8 more to go and I am feeling really icky.

Think I am going to call in to work tomorrow.

So, Could someone please pray for me as I am doing this? Thanks.

My Jesus, give to Your servant the graces he needs to bear this cross for Thee.

Sounds like a good salad dressing. Can you pour it over some lettuce?

Hope you feel better soon. God bless you!


No I cannot eat anything. I don’t think I ever want salad dressing ever again. This mixture is so disgusting and I have a lot more to go. :frowning:

I don’t want to have surgery and have read how other people have passed the stones naturally through this remedy, so I am giving it a try.

I swear, if it doesn’t work, I am going to cry!:stuck_out_tongue:

You got it. Is this something a doctor prescribed? It sounds really yucky. I feel for you.

I hope you are doing this under a physician’s direction. While natural remedies are effective (my daughter is an Oriental Medical Practicioner and often prescribes herbs), it is important to do it under the direction of a doctor or a practicioner’s direction and not just on your own or because you read it somewhere.

No doctor told me to do it, although I do have gallstones.


Please do not offer medical advice on the forums.

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