Please Pray - Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th October


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m in need of many prayers for a final hearing in court which will last three days. It is a long drawn out case which has lasted seven years (a divorce case) and has resulted in much stress for the family involved and the impending loss of the family home to pay off legal costs, whilst the husband is going to escape the legal fees completely as he has declared himself with no assets and has a sick note from the physician which entitles him to state handouts.

The family have been struggling to live for the last seven years and I hope and pray that this whole debacle will end this week and hope also that the legal costs will be awarded against the husband who is responsible for exploiting every possible loophole in the law to drag this case on in the hope it will end due to lack of funds, unfortunately it has kept going but costs secured against the home.

Family savings have been transferred to his born again evangelical brothers (who are responsible for burning a seminary in India) and it is being claimed as theirs.

Please, Please, Please, pray for us during these difficult three days ahead. Please pray that justice will be done for us this once!!

I am grateful to you all :thumbsup:

BiscuitKing :slight_smile:


you are in my prayers:)


Mine too :gopray2:


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