Please pray that God will stamp out divorce and separation


Please pray for the restoration of all separated or divorced families, that by God’s grace, husbands and wives will return to the husbands and wives of their youth. Please ask the Blessed Mother to restore purity and love to those marriages that are hurting, broken and seemingly dead. Jesus conquered sin and death–may He conquer sin and death in our marriages and families, the basic unit of society. Please pray for a return to the belief in the sanctity of marriage and that the selfishness of today’s society will not infect and destroy marriages and families. Thank you!


Praying. Especially that currently separated spouses are reconciled and that newly weds understand their live-long commitment. For the divorced and remarrieds that I know, I will have a hard time praying that they return to the “wife of their youth” since that will mean yet another break up. But I will definately pray for marriages going forward.


Thank you for your prayers. Please also pray for divorced people who are remarried without an annulment, for in God’s eyes they are still married to the husband or wife of their youth. Even though a new relationship may end as a result, it is God’s will that the original union and family be reconciled. No man can break that orignal bond that God created. We must pray for respect and honor of that original covenant relationship. The new relationship without an annulment is a not a marriage in the eyes of God and is adultery. Thank you for your prayers.




Lord Father in heaven I rebuke this spirit of divorce in the name of Jesus Christ

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