Please pray that I can find a job soon


I lost my job today:( . It was kind of shocking because the thing I got fired for was starting to improve in my work, but I guess they didn’t think it was enough. I had no idea this was coming.

I need to find a job soon, because the only money I’ll have is my paycheck coming up plus payment for vacation time I had built up, which wasn’t much. It’s not gonna last very long. I’m trying to keep as positive an attitude as I can about it, cause I know every situation has a silver lining, and that God is ultimately in control, but it’s hard to with everything going on that I owe money for right now(too many things to name).

I ask for prayers that God will give me wisdom to look in the right places and guide me as I’m looking for a job, and that I can find one soon, hopefully within the next couple weeks. And I pray that it will be a job that matches up with what my financial needs are at this time. Thanks in advance.


I truly understand how you feel. I got fired from my job, but like you, I put all my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I reflected on my life and asked the Lord to help me acknowledge my sins and my mistakes and then to confess them to my priest so that I could fall at Our Lords feet with a pure and humble heart.
Today, I go to Mass and say the Holy Rosary every day. I also do sidewalk counseling against abortions to pregnant girls once a week and do perpetual adoration at my church.
I still have a long way to go, but with the Lords help, I improve as a christian everyday. He also blessed me with a job that is suited for my talents and I truly thank him for this. He will do the same for you if you are a faithful catholic and you entirely trust in Him


LORD Jesus
Help Ur Son


St. Joseph, holy patron of workers, pray for TJ to find a job soon.


Praying for St. Joseph and the Holy Spirit to guide you!


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