Please pray that I find a job

I found out this week that my job ends June 30th. I really can’t afford to be unemployed. Please pray that I find a job soon. I always feel uncomfortable asking people to pray for me but I am kind of in a bind on this one. Thanks.

gradstud35 - My prayers are with you that you find a good job soon!


You have my prayers and I am saying one right after I finish my post. With Love Prague

I am praying for your intentions.

God knows that you not only need to work, but that you need work that is fulfilling and will allow you to serve him through your job. I pray that you will find a job before June 30th, and it will be better than your last one! Through Christ Our Lord, Amen. :gopray:

I am praying for you.

For wisdom that you find the job that God wants you to have, ror patience while you are looking and,for faith that this is all in God’s hands.

If you can, try to get to daily Mass. I know that helped my husband when he was out of work. It puts it all in perspective.

May God Bless you with a new job soon!


Lord hear our prayers

I pray that Our Lord will help you find the right employment. :gopray2:

When one door closes…another one opens…

Praying that God’s plan for you unfolds and finds you employed again very soon. May God guide you to the path that allows you to search for a great job and many wonderful opportunities for you.

Good luck and there are many tools available to find jobs on the net.


I am sure that you are going to find a job. Take your time, and pace yourself. You’ll be in my prayers. Good Luck! :thumbsup:

God Bless,




Ask for Saint Joseph’s intercession; he’s really great.

I will keep you in my prayers.



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