Please pray that I get this house


I’ve been house hunting for a couple of months now. The first offer I put down on the first house I looked at. At the time, I thought it was the perfect one…location, size, all the features I’m looking for. But because I waited and shopped around, looking at other houses to be sure that the first one was the one I wanted to put an offer on, I was too late and they accepted another offer that was put in prior to mine.

That being said, I had been a little discouraged since I’m limited on my price range. This will be my first house.

My agent emailed me yesterday because this one just came on the market. So we took a look-see today on my lunch break. It’s perfect!!! Minimal work needed prior to moving (which is a must for me!) and all the features that I’m looking for. Location is great too - only about 3-5 miles from work! Imagine the gas money I could save by riding my motorcycle back and forth to work on less than 10 miles a day!!! :extrahappy:

So I signed the paperwork and we’ve submitted the offer about 3 hours ago. It was imperative that we get it in now before the weekend, when there’s bound to be people looking.

Please keep me in your prayers that this will go through! The clock is winding down on my lease and I’ve been so discouraged lately, especially after the 1st house. I guess that was God’s way of telling me that it wasn’t the one and the right one will come along. And it has and I really hope this is it! :slight_smile:

Amidst everything that has happened to me in the past month or so, this is definitely a ray of sunshine.


Dear Lord let mhuff1 get this house, and to have a wonderful time there.

All of your hard work will pay off.:thumbsup:


Maria’s angel please help this to sort out happily, and campaign that her offer will be accepted…


Praying for your heart’s desires mhuff1.
God Bless




Dear Lord,
If it is your will, please allow mhuff1 to get this house. Father, I ask You to bless him. Show him a new revelation of Your love and power.
Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to his spirit at this very moment. Give him Your peace and happiness. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed
confidence through Your grace. Where there is need, I ask you to fulfill his needs.
Bless his home, familie, finance, his goings and his comings. In Jesus’
precious name. Amen.










Thank you Mary, St. Patrick, and all of you for your prayers!

I got word today that they accepted my offer :thankyou:

Just waiting on the corporate addedums to come back so we can get started on the inspections.
I pray that all the inspections come back good! :signofcross: :gopray2:


Good stuff! Praying that inspections go well.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
And blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our death.


May you get the house and lord may it be as quickly and as econically as possible and may your child find less costs involved than he ever dreamed. In his name amen


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