Please pray that my best friend would not be mad at me


Hi everyone. Last week, I scheduled an appointment to get an IUD. Well, I have since come back to the Church and know that it would be a sin for me to do so so I must cancel my appointment. Unfortunately, I am afraid my best friend will be mad at me if I cancel the appointment. Please pray that he does not get mad at me when I tell him of this decision.


Holly, the IUD works by basically killing any child you conceive.
Holly, which do you fear most, killing one of God’s children, or angering your friend? I know it’s difficult and painful, Holly love…but does your friend also know that God teaches against sex before marriage. If your friend loves you genuinely, would her wish to put your soul in danger and to have you kill your babies, and cause you psychological harm.

Jesus please help this dear darling young woman to flourish in Your grace. Lead her to to true happiness in this life and the next.


Amen to what Trishie said. God give you strength to do the right thing.


I pray that God will give you the grace to follow your heart and not get the IUD, and the strength to explain your reasons to your friend, and accept whatever the outcome may be. I also pray that Mary guide and protect you.


I’ll pray that you’ll find the strength to do the right thing. I pray as well that your friend understands and respects your decision and opens her mind as to your reasons for doing so.


Jesus please grant that Holly’s friend accepts and respects Holly’s decision not to use the IUD. Please give him the grace to love her enough to respond kindly.


Praying very hard for your intention!


Is this guy really your best friend or just trying to have sex with you? Usually best friends have the other person at heart and they respect their moral choices. If he gets mad it is his problem, maybe he should think more about respecting you than the satisfaction of his urges. I will pray that you might have a truly best friend.


It is not his soul, it is your soul that should be top priority in your life.

Good for you in making this decision. Now hold to it and don’t buckle due to pressure. You are a strong child of God.


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