Please pray that my dad would not be mad at me


Hi everyone. Could you all please pray that my dad would not be mad at me for having my Grandma to come over and help me clean? He was planning on coming over to see how messy my apartment was but I called my Grandma and asked her to come over and help me clean. Then, after I got back from the store, I called him and told him that Grandma came over and helped me clean and he hung up on me. Please pray! :frowning:


If it makes you feel better, he won’t be mad forever. My grandmother passed when I was very small, but I bet she would have been delighted to come help me clean my messy apartment when I was in my late teens :wink:

Please apologize to your dad, and also apologize to grandma (she will tell you not to apologize and that she was happy to do it, I am sure). Be sure to tell your dad that you are sorry you called upon Grandma for help, that you apologized to her for even asking, and you’ll work harder to keep your place clean (I assume he is assisting you with tuition or bills, and that’s why the inspection?).

I know you asked for prayers, and I will :slight_smile: but there is “stuff” for you to do on your end to make it all right :slight_smile:


Perhaps it was not the best thing to confide in him what you did if he has specifications about how you were to get the place cleaned. Does your grandma know the bind you are in? If so, perhaps she thinks your dad is too strict or controlling? I have 4 kids and I don’t care how clean of dirty their apartments are. Is your dad mad about something else?

At any rate I will say a prayer for your family.


You are right. I do need to apologize. I will do that now. :slight_smile:

Thank you Fitz. You are right. Perhaps I should not have confided in my dad about what I did. I think my grandma does know the bind that I am in. My dad is not mad about something else. He is mad about me calling my grandma for her to come over.


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