Please pray that my daughter has a baby

My daughter Megan and her husband Edgar have had two miscarriges, please pray for them to get pregnant, and to have a healthy baby this time. Thankyou

May the joy of new life come to your family. May God’s love and compassion grace them with the gift of new life soon. Prayers for all the stress and worry to disappear and be replaced with peace and the knowledge that God love’s them and we reveal his plan to them soon. Amen.

:gopray: for your family.

Praying for your daughter and her husband!

I will be praying for them. :crossrc:

:console:Aww…I am SO sorry for their losses. Please give them a hug for me. :hug1: I know firsthand what it’s like struggling with infertility issues. Again I am so sorry!

Please assure them of our prayers! :slight_smile:

:byzsoc: :byzsoc:prayers…

I will pray for your daughter’s intentions.

Oh, St. Catherine of Sweden,
You are the patron of miscarriage prevention. Please see that this young lady bring forth much bounty in human life. Please pray that she might have the ability and fortitude to bring and sustain life in this world. Pray that she and her husband be happy in knowing that God will always see them through the storm. Please, guide them along now by raising sweet supplications to our Father.

Blessed Mother,
As you brought our Savior forth into the world, let this young lady bring forth life. Pray that she might have strength and bountifulness in the sight of the Lord. See that she is provided for by praying constantly to our Father, our Savior, and our Guide- the Precious Paraclete.
Thank you for your constant intercession for our sake, now and at the hour of our death.


Prayers for your daughter and her husband. :gopray:

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