Please pray that my spiritual director does not suggest a separation from my friend


Hi everyone. I have to talk to my spiritual director tomorrow about me being obsessed with Darrell. A few friends have suggested that I separate myself from him temporarily. I really don’t want to do this, at least not longer than week. I promised Darrell that it wouldn’t be for more than a week if my spiritual director recommended a short term separation and I can’t go back on that promise so please pray that Fr. Ray does not recommend a separation at all or one longer than a week. Thank you.


I can’t morally pray for such a thing, but I can pray for you to be humble and obedient and for your spiritual director to be prudent and just.


Don’t worry. I intend to be obedient to my spiritual director and I try to be as humble as possible. Of course, I do fail on that quite often. :blush:


Well, I talked to my spiritual director on the phone this morning and he told me to ask the people who said I am obsessed why they think that. So I’ll be asking them soon. I assume he wants me to go from there. He doesn’t think that I am obsessed with him I don’t think because he mentioned that I only rarely mention Darrell in a conversation with him and to him, that doesn’t sound like the mind of an obsessed person.


I pray that everything works out between you and your friend Darrell. You sound like you have a good spiritual director. I pray you have a strong and beautiful relationship with him and grow under his direction like a beautiful red rose with plenty of sunshine, water and loving care. Amen.


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