Please pray that we get funding!

my husband is writing up a business plan, and he has found the funding, but please pray that he gets it! he wants to start his business and get it off the ground. he works 20 hour days sometimes between his regular job, and his home based business. he is tired all the time. a lawyer that he knows who happens to be his boss’s business partner has offered to fund our company about 30%. that is about all we need to get it off the ground.

the problem? there is not much of a market in Canada for macintosh law software. there is in the USA, but not here. he can open his business but he will have a hard time because the Canadian market is not overly great for macintosh software.

sigh… i want him to succeed because he deserves to not work so hard and he is so tired at the end of the week its not even funny. so iam asking for your prayers that he get the funding, draw up a really great business plan and open his business so he can work part time for his boss, and part time at home.

i just wish we lived where the demand is. sigh…

As a business owner, I understand.

I will definitely pray for your business, please pray for mine as well, because the drought here is causing a strain on all Agriculture business.

Wisdom for your husband and peace for your soul. :signofcross:


What a tough situation! I am praying! :signofcross:

i appreciate it:thumbsup:


Praying. :gopray:

St. Joseph the worker, intercede!

Prayers that your husband will get the funding he needs and get his business off the ground…
Blessings - Barb



I will pray for your intentions.

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