Please pray this morning for my daughter's classmate


A few days ago, the mother of one of my 11yo daughter’s classmates passed away fairly suddenly. (She’d been sick, but as I undertsnad it, a bloodclot broke loose and went to her heart, she was 45).

Please pray for Pam, her family, and especially her son Nolan this morning as she is laid to rest (9-12-07).


gosh - makes you realize life is so fragile.

I will add her to my prayers - and the family as well.


Praying for Pam’s soul and the peace and comfort of her family. That is so sad. :frowning: Today is the Feast of the Blessed Name of Mary, and I will pray that little Nolan feels the presence of his Heavenly Mother in an ever closer way now that his earthly mom has gone home.


Me Too!


Please send Your loving kindness and protection to this little boy. Let Him feel your presence and love. Protect this little boy. BVM, with your motherly love and commpassion embrace this little boy. I also ask, Lord, for Pam, her family, and especially Nolan this morning as she is laid to rest that you be with then to give them Your strength and love.:gopray2: .


Praying for Pam, Nolan and their family…


I offered my Holy Communion this evening for Pam’s soul and the consolation of her family.


Keeping this family in prayer at this very sad and trying time…


Praying for Pam and her family. :gopray2:


Father, please continue to watch over Nolan, his sister, and his father, as they struggle with the loss of Pam. Hold them very closely, so that they have a tangible feeling of Your care. And Father, we pray for Pam in confidence that she is with You, has no more pain, and is comforted that You are always watching over the family we’re sure she is missing. May the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. In the name of Your Son Jesus I pray. Amen. :signofcross:


…Amen …


The more you idiots pray, the more God looks down in dismay yelling “STFU NOOBS”!




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