Please pray to St. Jude and St. Joseph for my son


My wife has abandoned my home and moved in with another man 600 miles away. I have sued for custody but right now she is not letting me see my son. I have a lawyer and we are attempting to get a hearing. Please pray for his safety and that we will have a successful hearing soon.

thank you,

Sad Dad


Praying for your family and your son’s safety.


Praying for your son and that you are united with him soon.


:signofcross: praying for your family and the safety of your son. :signofcross:


Praying for you my friend…take care.


Praying very hard to St. Jude and St. Joseph for a successful resolution to this situation!




LORD Jesus
Help Ur Children


We have a court hearing today to determine temporary visitation.
I have not seen my son in 14 weeks. Please pray for us.


Praying very hard for your success!




Father, in the name of Jesus, please have compassion on this father and son who are separated by distance and the actions of the child’s mother. Please bring reconciliation of spirit between the parents, and allow access of Scott to his son for both their sakes. Please give success to this father’s court action.
Mother Mary please pray for the needs of this family


Thanks to all so much for the prayers!

The judge agreed to enforce the previously arranged visitation agreement until we can have a hearing on the merits, so I will have my son back home Saturday.

Please continue to pray for us.



Scott, I’m delighted that you will be reunited with your boy. I ask the Lord to continue to help and bless you both; and to influence the heart and decisions of your wife and of the courts.


To all:

I was successful last hearing. Today is another custody hearing. Please pray for me and my son.





I know how strong the prayers of St. Jude are - he’s my patron and brought me to the Church. I will definately add my prayers to the others.


Praying for you and your son.




Lord Jesus grant Scott permanent custody of his son, in your name Amen

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