Please pray tonight for Dulcissima and her youngest two


She is heading into a power-struggle-situation with her ex. Please pray for her boys who don’t deserve this any day, much less Christmas. She has been fair, so pray for strength for her too --please.

That’s my Christmas wish: prayers & peace for Dulcissima and her babies.

Thank you.


Praying very hard for Dulcissima and her babies…May God give her strength and fill her with love this day and always. May God give the children His gift of love as well. What a difficult thing to be going through. I know…I have been there…but she will get through this and God will be by her side…Know that i will keep them in my prayers …(including the ex)…Diane


Praying for your intentions…


Should have sent me an email, KC, I wold’ve been praying sooner. But I’m praying now…


Praying very hard for their happiness and peace!


Praying for Dear Dulcissima and her youngest.

May God share His Grace upon them. Amen


Jesus I ask You loving kindness to prevail in this family so that the children and the separated parents can live in peace and mutual respect. Please bless Dulcissima and her ex-husband with all the peace necessary to allow the children to grow in a healthy and happy environment.


Praying for Dear Dulcissima and her youngest.
Keeping you in prayer and praying that God will heal and build this union. Diane


For healing, humility, patience, charity, and grace to overpower this situation the way our Lord would have it. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :gopray2:

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