Please pray vigorously for my family against Satan

Let me start by stating my firm belief that my fiance and me are absolutely supposed to be together. God has shown this to be His will for us since the time we first set eyes on each other.

It is my belief (and this is backed up by the assistant to one of the nation’s foremost exorcists) that our relationship has been under attack by the adversary since even before we met.

I had a dream as a sixteen year old, fresh out of a mental institution, that I would meet this man. The dream was very dark and dangerous, and so is he. I still struggle to make sense of the dream, and more often than not, to make sense of this relationship. But it is very clearly not something for me to make sense of- it is for me to have absolute faith in. This union was foreordained by God. Not everyone can say this about their spouse.

I was baptized, but never confirmed. I have attempted RCIA three times and it is always interrupted by something in my life that seems to take priority. He is a confirmed Catholic. We are both trying to stay true to traditional Catholicism, but several challenges present themselves.

I have dabbled in the occult since I was a young teenager, and my (Catholic!!) mother has since even before I was born. I met my fiance while we were both homeless and abusing substances. I have struggled against the devil from jump street trying to get us into a stable environment so that we can begin our lives together in earnest.

I saw no other option than cohabitation. I still don’t. It has been over a year since we met and realized our place in each other’s lives, and it is my belief that the devil is attempting to sabotage us from his side of things. Nearly every attempt of mine to get the two of us into jobs and stable housing has been sabotaged. He gives in to his base desire to hurt me and wreck what we have that I’ve struggled to provide for us. My contributions, more often than not, seem to go unnoticed. I have stolen bread in front of law enforcement at a pantry in order to feed the two of us. I was an activist, but I threw all of the heathen, communist atheists out of my life for us to be able to live an unfettered, Christian life. I have him 300 miles away from the sidewalk where we met, in my mother’s house, so we can raise our daughter.

I have not done things in the right order. I don’t know how to proceed once he is released from jail for having struck me in front of our very young baby because of something I said. I believe (and this is backed up by the exorcist’s assistant) that a Catholic counselor is the only way forward for us.

We would both appreciate the support of prayer warriors. Things are beginning to happen around the house like rosaries breaking, noises, things being moved, etc. I have terrible outbursts on occasion that are very difficult to recover from.

Praying to St. Michael the Archangel to watch over & protect you & your family.

Sacred Heart of Jesus…have mercy on us!

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary…pray for us!

Mary, Queen of Angels…send legions of angels into these circumstances!

Life is a challenge, indeed.
Sending prayers your way.

But I’m curious why you think your relationship is “under attack” when it might just be that…your fiancé needs therapy and medication?

I worry that you are staying with a man who hurts you because you think God ordained it. But…I can’t see from what you describe how it was pre-ordained. Because of your dream as a teenager? Would God really ordain you to be with someone who has a base desire to hurt you?

Why does the exorcist assistant think your relationship has been under attack? Your challenges with anger, jobs, money and stability don’t seem too out of the ordinary or “supernatural” it seems.

Do you actually see objects moving by themselves, right in front of you?

(Heathen, Communist, Atheists? Such a group exists?)


I agree that he needs therapy at least. I’m not holding my breath for a diagnosis, though, or for him to ever even set foot in a psychiatrist’s office. He is anti-psych, and somewhat of a narcissist. Nobody who struggles with that is too keen on recognizing their issues. So I pray. He is extremely traditional (with the exception of our relationship) and agrees that both of us need spiritual intervention. He will not disagree with whatever the diocesan counselor and exorcist says, because that person’s opinion is ultimately the only valid one in his mind. If the exorcist for the diocese decides that the majority of his problem is psychological and suggests a course of action, I believe it will be followed. Whatevz.

I have actually been diagnosed with various things since childhood. I do believe at this point that much of my problem is demonic and masking itself as bipolar symptomology and psychosis. My faith is very strong, and that is really helping me figure out the difference for myself in these things. Spiraling is one thing. Self harm, blind rage, destructive behavior, and vicious, criminal attacks in a different tone of voice are another. I am rarely able to recall everything that I say or do during this time, and this has been a problem for my entire life. I remember being four years old and bashing my head against the edge of a dresser to force a certain reaction from my father. It drew blood and I still have the knot on my head. I have messed around too many times with a Ouija board, divination, and tarot, dabbled in witchcraft, and my own mother removed me from the influence of the Church as a small girl while she continued to practice astrology and bounce from religion to religion. I will never forget the dark, creepy feeling I got when I walked in on her after kindergarten to find her and some hippy friend chanting in front of a scroll. Thank God my stepfather, although allergic to mass, was Catholic enough to raise me in such a way that I would eventually return to the Church. My mom lives across the way with my godmother now, but all of her books on sorcery and fortune telling are still here.

As for my fiance, he has been plagued by drug addiction, nightmares, and some weird specter that also affected his sister for most of his life. His entire demeanor changes when he gets angry and he acts out in a similar way as me, only it’s really dangerous because he is 6’4".

Anyway, so it definitely seems to me like both of us have both psychological and spiritual problems that need to be addressed. I already take medication. But it is clear to me that part of our purpose in life has been to find each other and work to heal each other of demonic influence so that we can realize our true vocations in Christ. We’ve both made attempts to move forward as devout Catholics, and our attempts have been sabotaged by despair and things just happening to get in the way. I have attempted RCIA three times. My mother can’t be bothered to take me to mass. My fiance is susceptible to judgmental thoughts about others, and he tends to suppose that because other people have flaws, he is justified in putting his on display under a spotlight.

Regarding the influences of certain people in my life- I was involved in a community of polyamororous anarchists and godless communists who don’t value human life. They sabotaged both of our jobs when they assaulted my fiance on his way to work because he is not supportive of feminism or ghetto token behavior.

Around the house, I sometimes hear things being jostled while all of us are in the other room. We prayed the rosary next to the baby a few days ago, and when we went back into the room, the rosary was broken by the bed. I’ve damaged religious icons during terrible episodes. Even before I met my fiance, there have been things about this house. Once, the broken smoke alarm went off in the kitchen and when I took a picture, there was an orb.

I’m so tired now, going back to sleep for a bit. <3

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