Please pray.

Hi I am called Cait.
I have just left the gas on under the pan again
for the umteenth time. Please pray for me. I
am feeling more and more helpless and my
husband of one year said that will be the last
time that happens. I think there is a threat in
there somewhere and he is discusted with me.
My memory is getting worse and I feel like I am
worthless and dangerous to others around me.
I wish it was time to go home to God.

NEW NOTE - better today but still need to speak
to my doctor.

My husband was baptised a catholic but he has
been away from church since his teens. He does
not like me to talk about things catholic, or spiritual.
He thinks I’m ‘too religious’. I wish God would touch
his heart and enkindle it so we could enjoy the rich
heritage of the catholic faith together. :angel1:

I’m praying for you. Could you explain more about your situation? How long have you been married? What else is going on?

We have been together for 7 years. We were married last year in
the catholic church. For the most part, we get along very well.
But when I do anything absentmindedly, he kicks off and always
says I may have a bad memory but I never forget about my religion.
What more do you need to know erine. I am 60 and he is 70. :shrug:

Don’t worry Cait,

Our minds are so full of things these days, that we ALL often forget to do the most simple things. You are not alone. Relax more, pray more, God will help you.

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