Please prayer for my wife and unborn child!


I would like to make a prayer request for my wife, who is currently in the hospital. She’s about 29 weeks pregnant and the doctors think that the baby may be coming prematurely (due to a number of factors). Since my wife will likely be spending most of her time until then either at the hospital or on strict bed-rest, she won’t be returning to work or her class (she is in grad school). Please pray that both my wife and our baby make it through this pregnancy safely and that we endure no serious or lasting financial / academic set-backs along the way.

Thank you, all.


I will begin praying immediately!!! :gopray:


Praying for them both. :gopray2:


Prayers to St Gerard Majella for mother and baby.


Praying for all of you!


Prayed for you. 29 weeks is a little early, but nothing to worry about. Many babies are perfectly healthy who are born earlier than that.

It was good to go to the hospital, though, they can sometimes do things to delay birth.


I will pray for your family when I take my afternoon walk.


I will definately pray. I also had my son very premature - your wife is farther along than I was. They told me they would try to keep me in the hospital for weeks on bed rest, but i only lasted 3 days. Are you in a hospital you feel comfortable in? Do they have a good neonatal intensive care unit?

Have they given your wife steroids yet for the baby? If not, you should really discuss this with them as I had them, and the nursing and doctor staff could absolutely NOT believe he was breathing on his own a day after he was born thanks to those steroids they gave me. In fact, they thought that I was wrong about my due date and did test on him, but nope…he was not older than they thought.

Babies born at my sons age (the doctor told me) have over a 98% chance of survival, In fact, the rate jumps DRAMATICALLY each week that goes by, so your baby has excellent chances even if born now. My son has no troubles whatsoever. I will pray for your wife and your baby that labor will be held off for a while. :gopray:


Jenna - that must be very reassuring to the original poster! :thumbsup:

I will keep them in my prayers as well!


I will pray for your family, especailly your wife and unborn child. I hope she makes it all the way to 9 months and have a safe and fast labor and delivery.

God Bless,




Praying for you guys…praying for your wife and your unborn child. Gosh, I hope everything goes okay.


You all have my prayers.Incidentally,i was a premature baby.When i turned 16 years,my mother wished me a happy birthday and said she didn’t think i would see my 6th.birthday.I’ll be 65 years old on 4th.November this year.Best of luck.


Your family is in my prayers.


Praying here as well!!:byzsoc::byzsoc:


Thank you all so very, very much. Last night my wife underwent an emergency c-section and our new child, a girl, was born at about 9:30PM, EST. My wife is recovering very well and the baby seems to be doing well in the NICU (she’s almost off the oxygen, now). However, our child’s lungs are very underdeveloped and she still has a ways to go before we can feel “safe”, so your prayers are still very much appreciated. I am so thankful to God for the Internet right now…


Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.


I will pray for you, and your unborn baby…and your wife…that your wife and baby will be safe…and that God gives you strength during this trying time. :crossrc:


:gopray: well, I will definately be praying. Now you have a long road ahead of you. You MUST both be there for the majority of the time. She will need one or both of you there at almost all times. You will have to learn about things - such as if her heart rate drops, a simple tickle to a food or a light rub on the back should bring it up again and this is very common - infact, my son went home on a monitor (as your daughter probably will) and this will beep very loudly if her heart rate drops. The premies do outgrow this, although I have my moments when I worry about this even though he’s 2 now and I know I shouldn’t!.

And kangarooing is VERY important - you should do this as soon as they will let you and often. I spend nights in the NICU in his room’s recliner chair and he would just kangarro all night and we would sleep there. They should give you progress reports and it’s very important for your wife to start getting her milk now if they have not already done that - it’s very important to a premie. get your wife on fenugreek powder pills, and the local lactation consultant should tell you how much she should take, it helps a lot with that - and you can get it at a specialized pharmacy - call around - trust me. She needs to start doing this NOW. I had an emergency c-section and was in the ICU for a day being monitored b/c I had HELLP syndrome, and they still wanted me to start there and then. They will give it to your dd though a tube in her nose.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


Praying for everybody


:gopray: ** I’m praying for your daughter, wife, and you, and best wishes to all of you!! **:blessyou:

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