Please provide link on Girl Scouts website with Pro Abortion/Sex Ed

I need to show someone ON THE GIRL SCOUTS WEBSITE showing links/PP references with source material.
My friend *does not *recognize info from non Girl Scout sources (ex: HLI).

She wants to clink on a link ON THE GIRL SCOUTS PAGE before she will consider/resign from GS.
This is an opportunity to ease her back into the church. Please help me with this lost and hurt lamb!:thumbsup:

Thanks & Blessings

All I found was this link denying this.

FYI: The USCCB is soon releasing a statement concerning these issues. For now, our Diocese has acknowledged that Catholic parishes that host troops are not wrong for doing so. Our very VERY pro-life leadership has affirmed this in an email and letter written to every Pro-life leader in the Diocese. But here’s the only reference I found.
Has your Diocese stated otherwise?

The Girl Scout site does not list partnering with Planned Parenthood or any other group like it on their site that I could find. :shrug:

There is no link between planned parenthood and the girl scouts. What happened was a Girl Scout Leader on her own Facebook page liked a Planned Parenthood article. As a Catholic if I like a Mormon page does that mean the Catholic Church is linked to and endorsing the Mormon Church? :confused:

Another internet constructed delusion. It should be filed along with the faked Bill Cosby letter, and the collect pull tabs for charity myth.

To the OP, bless you for trying to help your friend, but do you think denigrating the Girl Scouts is the best way to do it? What happens now that you have to admit she was right and you fell for an internet scam?

The Girl Scouts has scrubbed most of the information from it’s website.

Here is a link to an interview with then CEO of the Girl Scouts where she confirms that they partner with Planned Parenthood and other organizations to bring “information based sex education programs” to the scouts.

I know your friend is looking for something on the GS web site but maybe she would accept something in their own words.

You might look this over.

Also. You might introduce her to the American Heritage Girls, who are unabashedly pro-life and christian and supproted by many Catholic bishops.


Most of the sites expounding on the connection between the guides and PP lack objectivity. I have always found Snopes to be very good with their sources. They are impartial and deal with facts. Here’s the link.

Girl Scouts?

Here is some reading for those interested.

There has been lots of back pedaling by Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) about this:

A Washington Times Article has this to say:

Several years ago. a quarter of the Girl Scout councils nationwide admitted to partnering with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s abortion giant. When questioned about the affiliation on NBC’s “Today Show,” Girl Scout CEO Kathy Cloninger had no compunction in confirming it.

The Girl Scouts have been “pro-choice” for years, but now they’ve been caught supporting promiscuous sex for girls. The Planned Parenthood sex guide offered at that “girls only” U.N. meeting offered this advice on Page 11: “Some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice. … If you want to have sex and think you might get drunk or high, plan ahead by bringing condoms and lube or putting them close to where you usually have sex.”

The Girl Scouts of Colorado has put out a statement about boys who want to be a Girl Scout:

“a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl”

Even though he is a boy, it sounds as though Girl Scouts will accept HIM as a Girl Scout.

See the story here:

A man who identifies himself as being in “External Communications” apparently associated with GSUSA had his photo posing wearing girls clothing, and doing an imitation of a bizarre scene with an apparent dying(?) “girl” (who I think is another GUY in women’s apparel but I cannot be sure) in a dead position but with his eyes open.

I won’t directly link to it (it is that bad) but if you go here
they have an archive of him doing this linked.

Search for:
“spokesperson for Girl Scouts of the USA, was part of the WAGGGS delegation at this UN conference and was Girl Scouts of the USA’s adult representative”

if interested in more specifics.[/INDENT]

National Review has more on this man here (“Girl Scouts Hire Lead Singer of ‘Queer Rock’ Band”).

And just recently Girl Scouts announced a new participation “Barbie patch” which some say “sexualizes young girls”. See article below (bold mine).

Girl Scouts urged to end partnership with Barbie
Published March 06, 2014
Associated Press

NEW YORK – A few weeks after her foray into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Barbie is entangled in controversy again, this time over her ties with the Girl Scouts. . . .

. . . The partnership, announced last August, includes a Barbie-themed activity book, a website, and a Barbie participation patch – the first Girl Scout uniform patch with corporate sponsorship.

“Holding Barbie, the quintessential fashion doll, up as a role model for Girl Scouts simultaneously sexualizes young girls, idealizes an impossible body type, and undermines the Girl Scouts’ vital mission to build `girls of courage, confidence and character,”’ said Susan Linn, director of the Boston-based commercial-free childhood organization.

She said the Barbie patch – targeted at 5-to-8-year-old Daisies and Brownies – would transform these girls into “walking advertisements.”

Read the whole story here:

I would second the suggestion to get daughters involved in American Heritage Girls instead of Girl Scouts.

Hope this helps.

God bless.


Thank you. For those with blinders on no proof will change their minds. For those interested in the spiritual welfare of their daughters, it is clear that they should look into the American Heritage Girls. Otherwise it would be better to form your own " home schooling " scout group.


That link at is excellent. It indicates that the Girl Scouts organization supposedly has no NATIONAL “official” affiliation with Planned Parenthood. However, it also explains that individual local girl scout groups all over have the ability to choose their own materials for distribution to members (and this has been known to include birth control information at certain ones, unfortunately) and to set their own standards for entry (as in the allowance of a transgender boy into a girl scout troop).
Sadly, the US Congressional representative who tried to bring this information public was highly ridiculed by many of his peers and in the media. If, for one, doubt that I will ever buy or eat another Girl Scout cookie again or look at the organization in a fond way in the future.
There may be some local Girl Scout troops which appear to be led by highly capable Catholic/Christian troop leaders, and they may very well be (I pray they are). However, because the umbrella organization ITSELF leaves the ability to choose materials and teaching content to the local troops and does NOT and will not legislate AGAINST any local girl scout affiliations with Planned Parenthood or the distribution of birth control/abortion materials speaks volumes to me as a woman and mother.
Thank you to the OP for this very important eye-opener.

Thanks to all. I will keep that snoops link but I’m sure it will not sway her as it does not comply with her requirement to have it on their site. Otherwise, in her opinion, hearsay. However, I can properly pivot the conversation once the USCCB puts out that statement.

Please pray for Irene and her 2 sweet children

I am quite familiar with positive girl clubs such as AHG, Little Flowers, etc.

For who asked; The Diocese of Arlington VA leaves GS troops up to the Pastor. I am quite sure that it is discouraged in most parishes as we are a solid diocese. We still have Boy Scouts but there’s been nary a peep if they will remain in our Parishes. I suspect once Gays are allowed in BS leadership, they’ll be gone.

As for GS, I haven’t bought GS cookies for 12 years. And I follow Michelle Arnold’s advice on giving money for ONLY SPECIFICALLY LOCAL projects. No money to National! She has a blog post on how she handles Girl Scouts

Thanks to all! Blessings

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