Please read if you have Fr Corapi's Catechism series on CD!

A friend recently gave me his entire 48-disc Catechism series by Fr Corapi. I’ve been listening to them non-stop at work for the past few weeks and have found Fr Corapi’s course to be a real blessing and grace. The only problem is my friend lost one of the discs at some point and has no idea where it might be.
So I was hoping that some kind user of these forums that has Fr Corapi’s CD series might be willing to burn me a copy of disc #22, which I believe should be titled “Penance: Part 1”. I will of course compensate you for the disc and the postage. Can anyone help?


Perhaps you can send an email to his website to see if they could send you a replacement CD for a small cost. Or call the 888 number to talk to a representative there. I’ve written them before and got helpful responses.

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