PLEASE READ--Pray for the Safety of our children


Please pray for the safety of all of our children in the United States. May our Blessed Mother watch over them and keep them safe. May she safeguard them from all evil. May she pour out blessings on them. May she guide the authorities and help them thwart any potential terrorist activity aimed at our innocent children. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN! We need as many prayers as you can for this…
God Bless You All.


Amen :thumbsup:

It seems like there are so many terrible, terrible stories in the news lately about children being abused and killed. It’s so disturbing…

God, please protect all the children out there who have no one to pray for them, guard and protect them with your angels, that they may stay safe and healthy in your loving embrace always. :gopray2:


May all the innocent children who are hurt by those around them always be in our prayers. Especially those vicitmized by abortion and abuse.



What a great prayer request! We do all need to pray for this!!


Praying for this intention.


Thank you for this thread…we live in worrying times and especially re our children in many ways. Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. Michael, please watch over our children. Keeping in daily prayer…


Amen. :signofcross:

I sat the other night talking to my 11yo to help her get to sleep. She asked me to tell her about when I was a kid. As I sat there, telling her about times playing flashlight tag, and kick the can, both well after dark games and played throughout our midwestern neighborhood, I thought that there’s no way I would feel comfortable with my children doing that now.




And all children all over the world. Amen.


AMEN FATHER!:signofcross:


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