PLEASE READ: The Economist, Article on One-Child Only Policy

I regularly read The Economist on Saturday (among other things).

In doing so, I came across this article:

I also read through the comments.

Obviously some of the people commenting are probably paid to comment in favor of the PRC. They are known for that. (And as far as that goes, I’ve seen “freelance” jobs pop up very often for jobs similar for different entities. Never trust reviews to be from genuine people. Or blog posts, or comments, or forums… there are people paid, however poorly, to lie all over the internet in favor of certain positions/companies/etc.)

The ones that really scare me are the ones who are potentially “real” commenters in favor of this horrible story.

The woman was FORCED into a late-term abortion and hunted down like an animal.

I just wanted to bring this to the attention of pro-life individuals. I commented, but of course I was slammed for being “anti-China”. When really, I’m anti-anyone who would do this to a woman and child.

Please pray for the women in China (and all over the world) and this poor woman in particular and her infant…

I can’t believe horrors like this don’t spark more outrage. Really, not so much can’t as “don’t want to believe”.

Or “don’t want to offend our new masters”.

Very sad, either way.

I was glad to see the article in the Economist, though. At least the message was out there and it certainly didn’t make the PRC look pretty. That it fell on some deaf ears is depressing. I meant what I said in the comments section, I can’t see how anyone can read the story of that mother being laughed at and then her killed inside of her against her will… I can’t see how anyone can read that and not want justice.

Then, someone suggested that everything was okay because the PRC fired a few underlings and wrote a note of apology.

Somehow that fixes this???

Then, the people saying that YES this is wrong but abortion isn’t… so long as the mother chooses.

It reminds me of the Harriet Tubman quote:

If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more.

In some ways the women in the PRC are better off in the fact that they know who their real enemy is–at least to that extent. God bless that poor woman for her courage to run and hide from this evil.

Here, you’re free to “choose” but what a choice. :frowning:

I thank God for the Catholic Church and its willingness to stand against these things… even though it is mocked and attacked and the ideas are genuinely unpopular.

Conservative aussie columnist Andrew Bolt summed this up pretty good in the Herald Sun this week. Great Prolife article, I will find it for you later.

You need a subscription to view it but it’s very much worth it:

Two things about that photograph make it so powerful. One is the terrible story it tells of a child killed by officials to the despair of its helpless parents. The other is that the photograph makes brutally clear that we are indeed talking about a child. A girl. Someone’s daughter. Not something non-human that we often dismiss as a “foetus”.

So what it shows is an abortion of the kind that, without the use of force against the mother, occurs right here.


So the killing of Feng Jianmei’s daughter appals you?

Dry your eyes. We kill babies like that little girl, every week.

The difference? No photos.

The Herald Sun Article is available at

Thank you.

I Googled the picture and found it on the site “All Girls Allowed”

I wish the Economist had the courage to place the image in their article.

The quote… yes, we know without the photos. But photos can be much more powerful than words and photos make it impossible to deny. I can’t believe the way people can essentially say “so what” about these things? The attitude is: “So what…happens all the time…stop being such a silly person crying about this kind of thing…grow up.”

Really? Their humanity must have been killed out of them and they must be walking around without hearts.

This has to change and it must stop. I pray for their conversion and that they will have their humanity restored.

It should shame us all. This isn’t China’s shame. We are all shamed by this. Good article. This has to stop.

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