Please recommend book about enlightenment thought


Finding a book when I have only a vague idea of what I’m looking for is harder than I imagined. I have a friend who told me that they were a secular humanist, in particular they agreed with David Hume. I don’t think they are that they are learned on the subject, so I’m looking for a book like: “A Christian defense against Enlightenment” or something like that. This person is a Catholic and knows a decent amount about the faith, but is not convinced of its truth. Personally, I think she’s just driven by doubt and hurt, but since she opened this other door, I think I’d better start there and then maybe some other things will come out. Anyways, I found a couple books on amazon, but it’s just matching Christianity and Enlightenment in the title. Can someone recommend some good books?


Chesterton wrote some great books about Christianity and modern thought, not sure if he specifically talked about Enlightenment thought though.

Check out Orthodoxy, the Heretics and the Everlasting Man. I believe they can be found online as well.

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Here is an article called “Preaching to secular humanists on Sunday” by John Burke:

Also, this might be helpful

If you cannot find a book, I would suggest learning for yourself the problems with this line of thinking so that you discuss it with your friend. Also… pray, pray, pray… that the Holy Spirit will reveal the flaws in this kind of thinking. Since it removes the belief in supernatural intervention, perhaps your friend needs to have a powerful experience of God’s supernatural intervention in her life.

Also, you may want to provide her with some books on Catholic spirituality. Perhaps Catholic Answers can suggest some books as well.


What about Mere Christianity by CS Lewis.

Chesterton’s books are good too.

William Marra has a talk on Secular Humanism that you can find here:

Also, here are some talks by Peter Kreeft:


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