Please recommend online self-paced college level Catholic university or school


Looking to take classes at home at my own pace. Any suggestions?


The university of Dayton is not “self paced” but I know their courses are accepted for diocesan certifications. They are five weeks each.


Hi Carolyn,

This came to mind for me when I saw your post.

Here is a link to some information about Catholic Distance University. It’s an on-line Catholic University:


I don’t know about college level but The New Saint Thomas Institute is a good online, go at your own pace school to earn certificates in Catholic theology and philosophy.


This immediately came to mind for me.


what do you want to study and at what level. Self Paced is not something that really happens if you want credits. Work has to be done by a certain point and there are commitments.

There is a free body of courses that are self paced, but again, if you want to engage in them, you must get them done by the time the course closes and you cannot access materials again.

University of Dayton has short courses, but again, there are weekly commitments.


If you are not interested ina degree but in learning about our faith, take a look at the Institute of Catholic Culture. The broadcast and archive nearly every talk. It’s free and the quality of the instruction is incredible.


Franciscan University of Steubenville has online classes that are at your own pace. I am looking into going there or online for a masters in Theology or Catecheis and Evangelization.


Check with the augustine institute for such courses,if they meet your needs.


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