Please reconcile child abuse manslaughter with Good Omniscient God


Why might God be justified in giving these people a child?

I suppose we are not in a position to answer this question, but I wonder if you have any insight to help reconcile great evil with Christian faith.

Please read this story of manslaughter through neglect and answer the following questions. Or, if you don’t want to read it, here’s one portion:

The boy weighed only 12 pounds when he died. An autopsy showed that he died of malnutrition, and the sheriff told 10News that the child spent most of his life in a car seat and was fed only once a day.

God, being smarter than we are and knowing this kid’s parents better than we do, has a better idea what sort of parents they might be if they were given a child, right? And children are a gift from God, right? Without God’s direct action “ensouling” the fertilized egg, conception does not occur, right? The soul gives life to the body, so the fertilized egg would not develop (and would effectively be a failed conceptus, not a human being) unless God gives it a soul, right?

So we can suppose God sees good in these people, and blesses them with a child. Now, God is outside of time, right? So God sees all actions happening as like a mural painting, right?* So doesn’t God see this kid suffering of starvation and neglect in a car seat even while its still in the womb?* Why didn’t God take his life then?^ or, if these parents were Christian (“Catholic”), after his infant baptism?

It just seems ridiculous to suppose that God let this suffering happen.

You can respond, “We don’t know the value of suffering. Perhaps when this kid died, God enabled him to do so much good with such a short life of pain, helping to better not only the lives of those he interacted with, but also, spiritually, doing good in the world all over the place. Perhaps now he’s a greater intercessor for us in heaven than he would have been if the Lord took him from his neglectful parents while he was still in the womb.”

How is this not ‘begging the question’, assuming what one must prove? I mean, doesn’t God call us to be rational?

  • You can respond, “God doesn’t see life events all at once on a mural until they’ve actually occurred. So when the boy was in utero, God did not see him suffering in the car seat as he did.”

I think this is a sound rebuttal. Yet one may then pivot, challenging instead free will, ‘It seems our actions are always determined by what we think is best (God knows our hearts) given our circumstances,’ but this seems ultimately arrogance, since the interplay of circumstances among each person and in consequence of each action is so complex that the boy’s pitiful existence might have done good to justify his suffering and death – but this is just a repetition of the above argument.

^ I suppose the argument against euthanasia is that human suffering has value, and it is better to suffer and die than to die rather than suffer. But why doesn’t God make this more clear? God gives us motivation to go to Confession; why doesn’t God give us the same motivation to suffer?

I suppose, ultimately, my question is about “acceptable suffering” vs “unacceptable suffering”: It seems unacceptable for people to suffer without knowing why or what they can do about it.


Sexual intercourse gives people children.


Every living thing has a “soul”, a life principle. God infuses a spiritual soul into every person, something he does not do for animals. God does not withhold souls from any person conceived by natural or unnatural means, people with bad parents included.

That is the great responsibility that comes with free will. REAL free will.

Well you have assumed God specially creates each person and argued from that premise, but it’s a flawed premise.


Anyone with conscience and empathy would be greatly disturbed by what has happened to the poor baby. I would caution you against judging and assigning blame to God for the evil that people do.

As for suffering, it can be redeemed but only for those who have the free will to offer it up. For animals and very young children this is not the case and certainly not for this poor baby.

May his soul rest in the peace of God.


In a world where adults have free will, including freedom to will to do shameful things; how are children’s bodies to be kept alive in a situation where **anybody **would die?



God grants this world virtually complete, radical, freedom, to do as it*** will.*** This life is an *exile *from Eden, from subjugation to God’s loving control, and an exile into *human *control. Here we’re to learn, by the very kinds of excesses you’ve related in your post, of the awful consequences of autonomy from God, the awfulness of sin IOW. Here we literally know evil, alongside of good; we experience both. Here we’re to relearn of the existence of God, and of our need for Him.


It does seem unjust that some people struggle with infertility while others are given the gift of life but abuse it.


Note … the following is not aimed at ethereality.

This is question is a part of a larger question…evil and suffering.

This boy is one of many in similar situations. So what needs addressing is suffering and evil. If God is all knowing, all loving, and all powerful, why doesn’t God do something?

The true answer to this is not and will not be accepted by many. But thru divine revelation from God, we know definitely that in the beginning of man on this earth, God had put man in a paradise, the opposite of suffering. But we know by divine revelation that he disobeyed God and then paradise was lost and not only for the first man and woman, but also what was lost was lost to their children. So suffering came into the world thru sin, an evil, and now the results of this are easy to see…man’s cruelty to man.

But God did not turn away and leave men without hope that suffering would be crushed. He promised them someone who would change things and bring them out of their misery. But this will follow the plans and providence of God and not man’s.

Meanwhile while we all suffer, we do have hope, the promise of a paradise again to be restored to those who do not chose evil and listen to God.

The atheists often thump the drums of despair and try to convince everyone that it is God’s fault. But we know, which they don’t accept, God’s revelation of hope and the revelation of how things got the way they are, and the divine promise of a paradise ahead.

Those who are godless only see the physical suffering without understanding that there is a greater suffering of a spiritual nature. Life in this world is short, but life in the next is long. But the godless do not see or accept this and there is no way for some of them to ever see this because their mind is closed.

The godless use suffering as a club to beat up on God whom they don’t see or accept. They shout loud about how indifferent God is to man’s plight. But if we look at the facts, the godless are the ones who do very little or nothing to ease the suffering of their fellow man … all smoke and no fire. If we take a look at the world over, it is those who believe in God who build hospitals for the sick and deliver medicine, build schools for the poor, maintain places for the homeless, and feed those that are hungry. Why? Because the God whom they follow and believe in said to love everyone.

If the godless are so upset, why don’t we see their concern in action? It’s because it is all phony concern.


Perhaps you are the greatest most powerful kick butt ninja status indivudual

Perhaps you are hanging out near the president, a govenor, or celebrity when someone tries to kill them… perhaps you become a national hero.

Perhaps you live your entire life in obscurity and never come upon such a situation and are never more a jero than the money you send to charity.

Perhaps you live a full life capable of sin and make it to the bottom tier of heaven by the skin of your teeth.

Perhaps you are dead as a baby terribly and live eternity sitting at the top above the guy who lived long and thought your death an afront by God…

Eternity, if comprehended makes death similar to the oain of getting a teeny tiny tattoo. And being loaded up on pain killers while you get it…


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