Please reconcile Christ, love, destroyer of families


How is it reconciled, the seeming contradiction of the greatest commandment is love and I have come not for unity but to set families against each other?


Our Lord was referring to situations where another family member would try to prevent you from practicing your faith, or ridiculed you for it.

We are not to resent or hate them for doing this to us, but to do what is right and not try to please them, but to please the Lord. When we act to please the Lord in this way, it is for our own good.


Free will. Some accept the grace of faith, some do not.


Love involves sacrifice for the good of the other; romance seeks unity.

Doing God’s will can be met with hostility.
We are to place His will first and not submit to evil even if it means going against the wishes of those we love. The parents of St. Francis were not too happy with his decision; I believe his dad even beat him.


Jesus is truth itself. He Himself said “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life”.

He is truth personified! and when we come before truth…truth being always objective (truth being truth because it is truth…not what you think or I think…a table is a table because it is a table …it’s not a pizza, it’s not a dog because you precieve it’s a dog, it’s not a cat because I’m crazy and I see a cat when I look at the table…it’s a table!)

When we are confronted with truth…we either accept it or we don’t…an absolute causes division.

God or the church don’t contradict themselves to make us comfy or to come to our level… we have to grow …we have to change…we have to conform to them because they offer what we need. Truth and life.

Remember the story in John 6 where Christ tells the people He is the “bread of life” and that they must “eat my flesh”…the people said he was crazy and left him because they refused to believe what He said…He turns to his 12 and says “will you leave me to” ??

Christ gave a statement of truth and the crowed split…they left and he was willing to loose his 12 closest friends too instead of giving up the true statement of His presence in the consecrated bread and wine.


It’s not. If your family is not Christian (or belong to another Christian denomination, or are lukewarm Catholics), they will often ridicule you, curse you, and, in countries where Christianity is illegal, even betray you to the authorities (or worse) for being a devoted follower of Jesus. Jesus was simply stating the obvious dangerous effect of following Him. It never has supposed to have been easy to follow Jesus.


Some family members choose to love, to love God and neighbor, while others don’t. :shrug: That’s where disunity comes from. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness and truth vs those who don’t. It’s all about where our hearts lie, where our treasure is, whether or not we put God above all else, as justice demands. We can’t compromise that for mere unity,


Have you ever fallen in love with someone and had a family member (especially a parent) disapprove or even be mad at you?

As long as it happens with regards to a human being, a creature, we can understand it: they may be seeing some defects that we are missing.

But sometimes it so happens that we fall in love with the Lord, our Creator - which means we have faith, we believe - and we may be subject to ridicule and persecution from society, friends, or family.

Love, then, seems to indeed cause division amidst families. But it is a division brought forth by those who lack or don’t understand that love that is now in our hearts. It is not love that divides, but its lack thereof. Love, instead, unites, and leads to new families to be formed - both in the concrete meaning of couples marrying and bringing forth children, and in the mystical meaning of the Church uniting and bringing forth a spiritual offspring.


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How is it reconciled, the seeming contradiction of the greatest commandment is love and I have come not for unity but to set families against each other?

Dr Alejandro Chafuen has examined carefully the teaching of Christ and wealth. Citing the case of the rich young man in Luke 18:18-25, Dr Chafuen remarks that many authors think that Jesus was condemning the possession of riches, but “the Late Scholastics indicated that this was not the correct interpretation. Citing Luke 14:26, where Jesus says, ‘If any man come to Me without hating his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, yes and his own life too, he cannot be My disciple,’ the Scholastics pointed out that this passage does not enjoin Christians to hate their fathers. Such doctrine would contradict the Fourth Commandment. Thomist and Scholastic interpretations of this passage is that the entrance to the kingdom of Heaven is denied to anyone who values things more than God. In Matthew’s Gospel (10:37), the same passage reads: ‘Anyone who prefers father or mother to Me is not worthy of Me. Anyone who prefers son or daughter to Me is not worthy of Me.’ It would be a violation of the natural order to value a created thing above its creator, to pursue riches as the ultimate goal.
Christians For Freedom, Ignatius 1986, p 43-47, (with a new edition, since)].

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