Please remember my son and my marriage in your prayers Sept. 9


September 9 is the 1st anniversary of my son’s Baptism, as well as the 1st anniversary of my husband and I having our civil marriage convalidated. Would you please remember us in your prayers?:heart: Thank you!


Praying for you all.:gopray2:


Praying and congradulations


What God has put together… NO man can tear apart!!

Congrats!!! Praying for your family!!


You all have my prayers BeeSweet



:blessyou: and your family.


You are in my next rosary intention.


Will keep your husband and your son and you in prayer


Wonderful!! God bless your family!


I am so sorry that I missed your post! How did it go?




Thank you all so much! You’re all in my prayers as well. May God bless and keep you, all the days of your lives!



Thank you very much for your prayers, and keeping you and yours in mine…


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