and every day. They make the celebration of the Mass possible, they give us Jesus in Holy Communion, they forgive our sins through the powers bestowed on them at Ordination by God. WE NEED good holy devout true Priests and they need our UNCEASING prayers. PLEASE PRAY for them DAILY. They have one trying to bring them down who will not stop until Jesus comes again. ONLY by God’s Grace can they be good and Faithful servants and selfless servants for us.


Dear Lord bless our Priests. Give them the races needed to do your will and bring MANY souls to Heaven.



Agreed. I witness some priests thanking us for coming to mass. But it’s us who should be thanking the priests.


As we should.

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish - Prayers for Priests. The prayer I pray daily is almost word for word except mine doesn’t include any priests in purgatory (I may add these priests in from now on) - is #4


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT LINK. I am adding it to my prayer list. Greatly appreciate it. I’m also asking our Priest to put the link permanently on our Church’s Facebook page and in our bulletin. I said those prayers in just a few minutes and it is very possible and very needed.

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Graces not races


I say the Lay Association Prayer for my adopted priest and any other adopted priests people might forget to pray for, every day.

Also I am saying this prayer for priests every day during the 54-day Novena for our Nation going on now. It was part of a 54-day novena earlier this year that I didn’t participate in for personal reasons. So I’m saying it now instead.

Daily Prayer for Priests

O Almighty Eternal God, look upon the face of Thy Christ, and for the love of Him who is the Eternal High Priest, have pity on Thy priests. Remember, O most compassionate God, that they are but weak and frail human beings. Stir up in them the grace of their vocation which is in them by the imposition of the bishop’s hands. Keep them close to Thee, lest the Enemy prevail against them, so that they may never do anything in the slightest degree unworthy of their sublime vocation.

O Jesus, I pray Thee for Thy faithful and fervent priests; for Thy unfaithful and tepid priests; for Thy priests laboring at home or abroad in distant mission fields; for Thy tempted priests; for Thy lonely and desolate priests; for Thy young priests; for Thy aged priests; for Thy sick priests, for Thy dying priests; for the souls of Thy priests in purgatory.

But above all I commend to Thee the priests dearest to me; the priest who baptized me; the priests who absolved me from my sins; the priests at whose Masses I assisted, and who gave me Thy Body and Blood in Holy Communion; the priests who taught and instructed me, or helped and encouraged me; all the priests to whom I am indebted in any other way, particularly (name here). O Jesus, keep them all close to Thy Heart, and bless them abundantly in time and in eternity. Amen.

Imprimatur +Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, 6 September 2018


I like this list:

How we can support our Priests

  • Pray for the Holy Father in a very special way, that he may have the health and strength to guide our church for many years to come.
  • Attend the Holy Mass and pray for priests worldwide.
  • Spend a holy hour in Eucharistic Adoration for our priests.
  • Volunteer to assist and serve your priests and community as a Eucharistic minister or church reader.
  • Stop whatever you are doing at 3pm which is the hour of Divine Mercy and spend a quiet moment praying in thanksgiving for our priests and contemplating the gift of Priesthood.
  • Pray the rosary for priests, in particularly the luminous and meditate on the Institution of the Eucharist the fifth mystery.
  • Pray in a special way for priests on the missions and who are persecuted.
  • Pray to the Saints most associated with the priesthood for the protection of our priest’s.
  • Pray the St. Michael prayer for our priests daily.
  • Always thank a Priest for a homily he shared that greatly inspired you.
  • Always affirm a priest with a particular gift of the Holy Spirit that he as priest shares with the community.
  • Offer up the crosses of this your day for the priesthood.
  • Mail a thank you card to a priest.
  • Extend a handshake of friendship to a priest and thank him for being priest.
  • Have a mass said for our priests in thanksgiving for them or for their intentions.
  • Volunteer to assist and serve your priests and community as a Eucharistic minister or church reader etc.
  • Remember your priest with a card and a note of thanksgiving on their ordination anniversaries.
  • Celebrate world day of prayer for priests each year with a special celebration for your priests.
  • Organize interviews on your local radio/tv station for your priests who have a special story of ministry to share with the local community.
  • Look for opportunities for our Priests to share their call to the priesthood with groups of young men.
  • Have a community gathering in the local parish hall to celebrate world day of prayer for priests.
  • Invite a priest for a game of golf.
  • Present your priest with the gift of a holiday/pilgrimage or retreat.
  • Offer to cut the grass or ask your priest is there anything he needs a helping hand with.

Father. Son. Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels PLEASE surround and protect from Satan and his evil ways ALL Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters,Deacons, Seminarians, the Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning vocation to the Priesthood or Consecrated Religious life. Give them the Grace they need to do YOUR will and to bring many souls to Heaven. Amen.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the link. I say these prayers (as well as the ones for seminarians & vocations) daily after my morning Liturgy of the hours. Makes such a beautiful and needed addition to my prayers.

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Lord give them every possible Grace and blessing they need to do Your will.

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Thank you for reminding us!

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Thank you so much, Cajun for starting this thread. Ever since Father at my parish helped my son; I’ve been offering up Rosary Mysteries and prayers for priests. Maybe what we all could do is maybe each of us start praying prayers at the end of every Mass for our priests and even possibly setting up prayer groups at our parishes to support our priests.

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Dear Lord ONLY YOU know what each and every Priest, Seminarian, Deacon, Consecrated Religious Brother or Sister faces each and every day. Only you know Lord what they suffer in silence. YOU ALONE understand the journey they travel on this Earth today.
But ONLY YOU also know the immense and unfathomable gifts you bestow on each of them to be able to serve You, Your Church and Your people. Dear Lord PLEASE along with Your Most Blessed Mother Mary, all Holy Angels and Saints surround and protect them all from Satan and all his evil ways. We NEED these holy men and women for the sake of our eternal souls. We need the Sacraments that only your Ordained Priests can give us. Without Priests we have no Mass. Without Priests we can’t receive You Lord in Holy Communion. PLEASE Lord give them the Grace they need to stay true, devout, holy and good as long as they live so their service may get us all to Heaven. Keep them close to You and never let them stray. Amen!

Father M., Father R., Father P, Father S., Father B., Father C., Father C., Father M., May Our Lord give you and your brother Priests every Grace you need today and always to do His will, live humbly, be true devout holy Shepherds to guide us to Heaven.

Lord grant Father M. and all Priests every Grace needed to do your will and bring as many souls to Heaven as possible.

OH DEAR LORD PLEASE give to your Priests around the world the Grace to:
do YOUR WILL not their own
to be servants to others not to be served
to live lives of humility
to be good examples to all of us not only by their words but especially by their actions
to remember that you called them and they answered your call
that they have been especially blessed and that the gifts you’ve given them carry a huge responsibility
that we need them to get to Heaven and they need our prayers.

PLEASE Father Son Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels surround all Priests, Consecrated Religious Brothers and Sisters, deacons, Seminarians and protect them all from satan and all his evil ways now and always. Amen!

Y’all they need our prayers, NOW ! Please pray for them.

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We have to pray for them, because they are human and need our prayers…

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Don’t forget to pray for them. If nothing else when you go to Mass and you see Father walk down the aisle and enter into the Sanctuary say a pray for him and all his brother Priests and Seminarians. Offer the Mass for them all. Also during the day say an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for them if you can. They are facing so much from the enemy who wants nothing more than to bring them down. They need every prayer they can get.

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