Please say a prayer for my dog

My dog, Jax is missing. He jumped the fence earlier this evening and we can’t find him anywhere. We have been driving/walking around for hours and he is nowhere to be found. I am so worried right now. Please say a prayer for his safe return…:frowning:

I will pray that you find your dog. My cat was lost for six months, but it came back. There is still hope.

Dear St. Anthony, you are the Patron of the poor and the helper of all who seek lost articles. Help me to find what I have lost,JAX,so that I will be able to make better use of the time that I will gain for God’s greater honor and glory. Grant your gracious aid to all people who seek what they have lost – especially those who seek to regain God’s grace. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Creator of all the living, throught the intercession of St Francis, all the angles and saints bring Jax back home. Let his doggy sences work overtime until he finds his way back to his own front door and the arms of those who love him the most. In your name we pray Sweetest Jesus amen.

I think we found him. My mom called the police dept. and they said a dog was hit by a car last night. The people who hit him took him to the humane society. Apparently his back legs are injured. I don’t know how badly he is hurt. The Humane Society doesn’t open until 1:00, so I won’t know anything until then.

I am so upset and worried. I"m so afraid he’s seriously hurt and I feel so guilty that this happened. It feels like it was one of my kids who got hit by a car.

Please keep praying for him. I am so scared right now.

[quote=masondoggy]I am so upset and worried. I"m so afraid he’s seriously hurt and I feel so guilty that this happened. It feels like it was one of my kids who got hit by a car.

Please keep praying for him. I am so scared right now.

I will say prayers for him. Any updates?

Oh I am so sorry if it was your dog who was hit. How nice that he was taken for help. I hope he’s ok… please let us know. I’ve said a prayer for him.

Praying! Hope your dog is not too badly hurt!!

I pray that everything works out for the best. God bless the people who took him to safety and didn’t just leave him in the street.

I will pray for your dog. As dog lovers ourselves, I know how you must feel. Hopefully, the injuries won’t be too bad.

Bumping for an update. :frowning:

I’ll pray,too…God Bless

Our dog wandered off last year on the weekend before Christmas. She too was hit by a car but not injured seriously. A good Samaritan took her to the animal shelter and we picked her up the next day.

I know exactly how you feel and hope everything works out.

Well, it was him. What a day this has been.

The Humane Society sent him over to a veterinary hospital this morning and he had to have surgery on his back legs. He has some fractures and some things just aren’t in the right place. The vet said he has a good chance of fully recovering, or he could have problems down the road. I guess it’s going to be a wait and see. So, he still needs a lot of prayers that he heals well.

I went to see him tonight and it was the saddest thing. He’s in so much pain and he’s so scared. He was just laying there when I went in there but when he saw me he buried his head in my arms. He was so relieved to see me and he was so upset when I had to leave! It was the hardest thing to leave him there!

I’m allowed to pick him up tomorrow and bring him home. The vet said he’ll have to be in some kind of sling for awhile. I don’t even know how well he’s going to be able to walk. He looked so banged up. His whole belly and legs were swollen and bruised. Even his peepee was bruised and swollen. They apparently had to neuter him because his little sacs got crushed. Poor baby.

This is so weird because I had a dream last night that we had found him after he got hit by a car and it was his back legs that were injured, his cuts looked exactly like they did tonight.

Thanks guys for your prayers and support. This day has been so hard! I just can’t wait to bring him home and hold him and spoil him forever.

Oh how sad. I am so sorry. But I’m glad that it sounds like he will recover. How sweet that he has you - someone who loves him deeply to nurse him back to health.

After this stressful day - try to relax, the worst is hopefully over.

Peace to you,

The good news is, you found him, and that he is on the road to recovery. I am praying to St. Francis for his complete, speedy and pain free recovery. God bless you and Jax.

I’m so sorry for your little pup. How sad! :crying: I’ll say a prayer for his speedy recovery. At least he’s going to be OK. Even if he doesn’t get 100% use of his legs back, dogs adapt pretty easily. He’ll be ok.

[quote=MooCowSteph]I’m so sorry for your little pup. How sad! :crying: I’ll say a prayer for his speedy recovery. At least he’s going to be OK. Even if he doesn’t get 100% use of his legs back, dogs adapt pretty easily. He’ll be ok.

I saw a dog on tv that only had his right front and right back leg. he ran, played & when he wanted to rest, he just found something to rest against. Dogs are sooooo cool!

I’m glad your baby is going to be all right. My brother hit a dog on his way to work early yesterday morning. No tags. It didn’t make it.

It is a good idea to have a chip implanted in your dog. If your dog is injured and taken to a vet, they will scan for a chip. If they find one they will treat the dog since they know it has an owner;otherwise they will treat it as a stray.

We had a chip implant right after we got our dog back.

I have just prayed for your dog…I am so glad he is found, & sorry that he was hurt so bad, but it is true that animals adapt amazingly well. Even if he ha problems walking, you will see that he works out how to get around.
I am just so glad that he is found. Do visit him as much as possible in the vet clinic. One of my cousins is married to a vet, he says that animals whose people visit them heal much faster than others. We think that the joy of seeing their families probably relieves a lot of stress, leaving them with more strength to heal.

Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to give an update. Our internet wasn’t working earlier today.

Jax is home now. He seems a lot better than he did yesterday, but he is still in a lot of pain. He’s pretty wobbly when he walks, but he at least can walk. He was even trotting when I took him out to pee. We have to make a sling under his belly with a towel when he walks across a slippery floor because his back legs just give out. He seems to be relieved to be home. He started whining like a baby as soon as he heard us walk into the vets office. I’m going to have to call the vet back tomorrow morning because he seems to be having a really hard time having a BM outside. I don’t know if the pain pills are making him constipated or if his injury is stopping things up. But hopefully the vet can give him something to help him. I felt so bad for him when he was outside. He squatted for the longest time and nothing came out until finally he tired out and lay down on the ground. I don’t think he ever went, but since it was dark it’s hard to tell. But he is cutting some real nasty ones in the other room right now.

The vet that took care of him was really awesome. He cut the vet bill down from $350 to $150 and the meds he gave him he took 75% off the price. They are letting me make payments to pay if off since I just didn’t have that kind of money laying around. So, thank god this isn’t too much of a financial strain. We should be able to have it paid off in a couple weeks and it won’t set us back too much. I’m just so relieved we didn’t end up with a massive bill to pay!

I am just so glad to have him home. I feel like he had angels watching over him through this. After Christmas I intend to make a donation to the Humane Society, because without them, he would have suffered a lot more than he did. Heck, I think I may even volunteer there. I just feel like I have to give something back…

He is definitely going to be one spoiled doggy the next couple of weeks. I just went out tonight to get him a doggie bed for his crate so he’s nice and comfy. And it’s time to stock up on lots of treats and peanut butter flavored bones.

I’ll keep y’all updated on his recovery. Thanks for your prayers! :wink:

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