Please share this story with your kids!

Hey guys! I have a great short cute story for you guys to share with your kids. Its also a great story for yourselves.

A woman entered an airport who was going to visit another country to see her mother.
While she was checking in, she noticed that they were giving out free small bags of cookies. She took a bag of cookies, put it in her purse and went to sit down. A man soon comes down to sit by her. He asked her how her day was going. She replied that it was going pretty well. After awhile of waiting, she became bored and felt a little hungry. So she grabs a cookie and starts eating it. 2 seconds later the man reaches over and grabs a cookie and eats it.
She is a little startled by this, but she ignores it and has another. Once the man is finished with his cookie, he grabs another one too. The man was very polite about it, which is what startled the woman. She figures since hes getting ‘free’ cookies, he probably would be happy. As the woman starts to become frustrated, she eats another cookie. The man looks down at the bag and realizes there is only one cookie left. He grabs the cookie, splits it in half and gives her one of the halves. After he finished eating the cookie, he smiles at her. The woman is now so angry, she grabs her things and goes to another part of the waiting room to sit down. The woman is thinking “How dare he. Who does he think he is to do that?”.
The plane was ready to be boarded shortly later and the woman enters the plane. She finds her seat and sits down. Bored, she grabs her phone to text. As shes grabbing her phone out of her purse, she finds her bag of cookies. Un-opened, and not eaten.
She soon realizes that the bag of cookies she was eating out of was HIS bag of cookies.
She starts to feel terrible and realizes what she had done. Now she understands why the man was sharing with her and smiling at her.

Pass this story onto your kids and remind them to be as christ-like as possible, in everyday activities.

Twas a cute story that I thought i’d share! :thumbsup:

This is such a nice story, BlueShadow! Thank you for sharing it. :slight_smile:

Do you have a good one?


Here are three little stories from my childhood.

  1. My sister and the beads.

When I was about 6 y.o., and my sister was 8, an aunt visited us from abroad. She brought us a nice big box containing a kit for beading. There were various bags there with different kinds of beads, as well as nylon threads and small hooks and eyes. It was really an awesome gift, and it was something that wasn’t available in our country at all. Since there were two kids in our family (my sister and I), we sat down and portioned all the beads, half for my sister, and half for myself. Then, we started beading. We both enjoyed it, but frankly, my sister was much better at it, and much faster. I’m not even sure I finished my first piece, by the time she made a number of beautiful necklaces and bracelets, and her beads were all gone. Then, she came to me and suggested that we share the half portion of beads I still had. I wasn’t happy, because I understood that this would leave me with 25% of the beads, while she would get 75%. But I went along, and I gave her half of my beads. I probably only did it because I thought that she was going to leave me alone, after she got what she wanted. :blush: But I underestimated my sister. By this time she was a master beader, and she used up this smaller portion in no time. Then, she came to me again, and suggested that we split the portion I was left with! :eek: At this point I felt it would be totally unjust to share my small portion of beads with my sister, again, and I said no! And I thought that was it, that was the end of discussion! But I was wrong again. My sister started to cry. :o So, what could I do with her, to stop her from crying? :shrug: I shared my beads, again, and before long, my sister used them up, all of them! And this is why I never became a Master Beader Boy, because I never got the opportunity to fully develop my talents, with my sister using up all my beads! :smiley:

  1. My sister and the fatty portion of ham.

This is another one of my experiences of “unjustice”, from my childhood. When we had this full leg of pork, smoked. Which obviously had portions of lean meat, and portions of fatty meat. And we were very poor at the time, there was no way to always pick and choose what to eat. And my sister’s stomach was sensitive, she couldn’t eat too much fatty part. So, I always received the fattier portions, and my sister received the leaner portions. What an unjustice! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Finally, “our bicycle”.

Which was an Easter gift for the both of us, used by myself 95% of the time, until I managed to do something 100% stupid - I left the bicycle unlocked, in front of the store, and it was gone by the time I came for it. :o The bicycle was 50% my sister’s, but it was stolen exclusively due to my fault, and my sister never got mad with me, or accused me, at all! I think, at that point, I got a lesson and started to understand something about how sweet it is when you expect justice, but instead of what you expect, you get to experience love and forgiveness! :thumbsup:

Cute stories. I was never an actual beader but I do remember doing that in girl scouts and sometimes I would get kits to make necklaces or bracelets with.

I actually went to a birthday party that was a beading party. And we all made necklaces out of clay that were cooked in the oven and then worn. I still have it too.

Well this can be for anybody else too. I think its a cute story and people need to read it.

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