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Hi, this might be a strange question, but I’m having a lot of trouble with it...

I know that there are days of obligation, but that it’s not a sin to miss Mass if you can’t make it. But what happens if you can potentially get there, but choose not to, because of a difficult family situation? For example... I’m technically an Eastern Catholic (though I attend a Latin rite parish) and today was a feast day - that I guess I was supposed to attend. I don’t have a car (and there aren’t any buses) so I have to get a ride to church. But since my family isn’t really church-going, in the past there have been some issues with me going to Mass often, or two days in a row.. (Saturday, and Sunday). Basically, I was too afraid to ask for a ride cause I didn’t want to create any arguments / conflicts. And I ended up not going. I don’t know..did I sin? :( this whole situation makes me very sad.. I really want to receive the Eucharist tomorrow.

A related question is about fasting... I broke my (Eastern Catholic) fast for another family reason. I’m a student and still live with my family, and my mom made dinner for us - but it had meat. (I’m not supposed to eat meat). I felt it would be uncharitable to refuse to eat dinner with my family, and I didn’t want to hurt mom.. So I ended up eating it. But in doing so, I broke the fast and didn’t keep my obligation as a Catholic.. I’m REALLY torn on this issue.. I can’t just force my family to fast with me, and I don’t have the money to buy separate groceries to cook my own meals.

What do you all think? :(

this is upsetting me a lot because I'm dealing with a lot of other things right now... I really wanted to receive the Eucharist, I really need it. But I don't want to offend God by receiving Him unworthily.


I just wanted to clarify, my family is really great..I love my family.. we just have some different views on religion. I'm grateful that I'm able to get rides to church... there have just been issues in the past about me going there. :( :o


Hi Monica,

If you had to break your fast for a reason like that, God knows it. Go right back on your fast and continue on. Remember, the fast is for your benefit, not God's. It's a way that we can demonstrate a willingness to give something up, to do without, as a way to grow in holiness. Sometimes those things happen, where keeping the fast means hard feelings in the family, etc. Best to do just what you did, show more consideration for others than for yourself (your fast). Soon as the table is cleared, you're right back on the fast and all is good again.

A good calendar and an honest discussion about upcoming days where you will attend Mass is a good way to let others know where/when you might need a ride so it can be planned in advance. Reminding others, "Next Thursday is a holy day of obligation... I will need to go to Mass that day," lets others know it's not a spurious thing, that you are actually trying to be thoughtful and ask about it ahead of time.


My husband and I are vegetarians - and when we eat at other people’s houses, we just ‘pass’ on the meat. We like salads and vegetables best, anyhow! And it’s more meat for the others at the table, so we’ve never had anyone push us to eat any meat.


My opinion (take it with a grain of salt!):

I think you were honoring your family, which is good. Remember Jesus said that traditions shouldn't interfere with basic commandments like honor your father and mother.

This is HisAgain from CF by the way. :)


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