Please Should I Receive Communion today later?

I am scrupulous and am attending Mass soon. However, I realized that at some times fairly recently I may have committed the sin of hatred multiple tines. Sometimes when I would see bad politicians or enemies of the faith speaking or when I was thinking about them I would have been happy to see something bad happen to them and perhaps would have liked to see them even die. However, at the time I was not thinking that I may be committing a mortal sin, so should I receive Communion today?

These sound like intrusive thoughts and thus not sinful, or at least not sufficiently sinful as to keep you from communion.

If you are scrupulous, you should refrain from asking these questions online, as it will only make matters worse. Seek the help of a priest and a counselor.

You are in my prayers.


It is necessary to add that I am fairly I certain I consented to and allowed myself to have such thoughts, but I didn’t really consider the sinfulness of such thoughts at the time. For example, with regards to “democratic socialist” and/or anti-life politicians, I would have liked to see them be assassinated, which I know is a very evil thought. I know it is best to get a counselor but I do not currently have one and will be going to Mass soon. I am concerned whether I am currently worthy to receive. It’s likely I may have even talked about it at some points.

Ok I will just assume I am being scrupulous

I am scrupulous and I am attending Mass soon. However, I realize that at multiple times I may have commited the sin of hatred, but I hope I did not mortally sin. I feel that I have had hatred toward certain politicians whom I dislike as well as direct enemies of the faith. I have allowed my self to have and given consent to thoughts where I would be pleased at some of these such people being assassinated or similar thoughts, which I know is evil. It is likely that I even talked about how I would like to see such things happen to these people.
However, I did not realize at the time that these thoughts were mortally sinful, so I may have not had full knowledge. I am going to Mass soon and want to receive the Eucharist but I am not sure if I should. This is my second post but I am desperate. I have gotten one repsonse, but at that point I had not said that I had consented to the thoughts. I know it’s probably not best to ask people on the internet, but I really need other opinions.

  1. Please do not make duplicate posts on the forum.
  2. That post was written by a Catholic priest. You would do well to heed his advice.
  3. Asking these questions on the internet will not help your scruples. Again, please heed Father @edward_george1’s advice.

You are probably right thank you.

Although I realize now that I probably did not have these thoughts since my last confession a few weeks ago but I am not certain


If that’s the case then you’re golden. Confession absolves even the sins we forged to mention up to that time.

It sounds like your conscience feels reassured? I won’t add anything further than what I’ve said, then.

Unless the ‘not being certain’ part niggles at you… I can see why it’s usually wise to leave this advice-giving to priests.

I will make another act of contrition before Mass just in case. I sort of confessed it at my last confession actually but I dont really think I realized its severity at the time. I intend to receieve. Thank you

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It’s probably not a great idea to adjudicate these things further, it will only make the person’s issues worse. This is why I give the advice that I do.


Agreed and I normally wouldn’t have (and will continue not to, in future).

I just panicked when it looked like the questioner needed an ‘asap’ answer (as if they were on their way to Mass immediately) and had already apparently received their standard scrupulosity answer before remembering something that did in fact sound like a reason to not receive. I thought the priest might not respond again/in time, and to me the edit the person made did look like something worth responding to. AKA scrupulous people are still capable of real sin, the answer isn’t always “receive”, haha.

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