Please stop describing your sins in detail!


I have been truly disturbed for days after reading some of the threads on here where people are describing their sins in far too much detail. I’ve had to completely avoid some threads because of it.

It has always been my understanding my entire Catholic life that we should not go into detail about our sins with people. Saying you committed a sin against purity is enough. If you feel a need to go into greater detail than that, then best to have a private discussion with your pastor who is trained to handle such sensitive issues. Even when meeting with your pastor, he does not want to hear too much detail either unless it is absolutely necessary!


Hear, Hear!


I agree! Thanks you!


I agree. The descriptions that some post about impure acts or thoughts really should only be discussed with ones pastor.

And keep in mind there are minors on tihs board as well.


Well, sometimes it is the minors revealing too much. :wink:


I’m an RN and I know more about people’s personal affairs from this board than I do most of my patients.

It’s…odd to me.


I’m in full agreement. I find it interesting that most people don’t go to their priest with their sin/confession problems. I’m all for discussion on other topics.


:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth::grimacing: oops…

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I’m a priest. I hear confessions. And I can tell you, you don’t even need to go into detail in confession!! It’s better if you don’t. If you just say “I committed X sin Y times,” that suffices. And if I’m not clear on what you mean, I’ll ask! But detail has a danger, that we start explaining things to try to justify them. It’s better for our humility to just admit what we did and accept God’s forgiveness and get out!

Be brief, be bold, be gone!



May I quote you? My pastor would probably love a sign saying that in the confessional. :blush:


I’ll be using that at some point. Thanks for the chuckle, @edward_george1. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!

We really don’t need to know every last detail. I tend not to click on the “is this a mortal sin” posts. TMI.



And please, enough of the damned masturbation threads!


Completely agree. It’s really not necessary, and it’s not good for anyone. Especially those suffering with scruples.


True! I don’t know how they know so much about the private affairs of adults in their lives . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You should put that it’s fiction at the top because you know people don’t always read the full post! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I sometimes find myself having a ponder about thoughts that randomly cross my mind, dreams that are entirely unbidden and that sneaky nonsensical fear after Confession that I haven’t articulated exactly what I did wrong so the absolution wasn’t valid… and then I mentally put it into an imaginary thread on CAF and realize that every possible thread title has already been taken because it’s already been done to death and I find perspective!


It’s the neverending quest to find a masturbation loophole!


That’s actually something I stole from another priest, so go ahead!!!


Dilly, dilly!

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