Please storm heaven for my son


Ben is 18 and the eldest of my 12 kids and he struggling in a big way! He had the strongest faith of any of my kids. All his life its been like he just knew God was there. But he has also struggled really hard to be good, not always winning the struggle. The one area in his life where he ‘knew’ he was good, was his chasitity; now that he has let that go its as if he’s given up the struggle. He tells me ‘this is me’ I am a bad person.

I bet satan is dancing a little jig. This is a battle for his soul and I know God can win, but Ben has to let HIM!!! satan knows that Ben is special, (I believe that he quite likely has a vocation). and satan is working hard to win.
Please keep praying for him. He knows he has people all over the world praying for him and even in the middle of all this he acknowledged how lucky he is tohave that!

Fr A, our family friend told me that St Ambrose once said to St Monica “The child of these tears cannot be lost”. Please God let it be so for my Ben!



Praying :gopray2:

I think the correct quote is ‘the child of SO MANY tears …’

Anyway, here’s a prayer to St Monica

Blessed Lord, Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine and for many years prayed, cried, and did penances for her son. As a result, he became a Doctor of the Church and one of Her greatest theologians. She is the patron saint of alcoholics and other addictions, and children who disappoint their parents, so I ask her to pray for all those I know who are taking a long time finding a true relationship with You, especially those trapped by addictions. I also ask her to pray for all parents. Lord, give them signs of hope. And I offer up my sufferings as penances on behalf of those who most need Your forgiveness.
Saint Monica, pray for us. Amen.


I hope he overcomes this situation - he sounds like a good and lucky young man to have you for a mom! Also, here is a website that may be helpful if he would be willing to check it out.
Pure Love Club (linked from Catholic Answers website)

I haven’t prayed my rosary yet tonight - so i will do so now with an additional intention.

PS: The patron of my parish is St Monica so i will ask her prayers for Ben as well. And i will also ask her son St Augustine to intercede… so like Saint Pio (Padre Pio) said: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry” :thumbsup:


Dear Michelle - I prayed for Ben and will remember him at Communion this week and you and your family as well. May God and Our Lady bless you and yours and He will answer your Prayer.



It is so hard to understand why certain of our children have such a difficult path to walk, and others seem to have an easy path, and these children were raised in the same home! I am praying for your son, and also that God will give you and Ben’s father the wisdom to love, accept, listen to and guide your son during this difficult time. Remember, you are not a failure because of Ben’s choices. And neither is he. Do not despair. God’s love can do anything.


[left]These are some poems that my son wrote last year. satan is fighting for his soul cos he knows what a soldier for Christ my boy can be. But I know God will fight harder,. the other night his godmother(who had no idea how bad things had got for him) got up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and had a strong urge to pray for him, she was kneeling by the bed and her dh joined her. She is convinced that his guardian angel told hers to get her and pray![/left]

My Lord of love
You are my king
I need you every day
With me in pain
You rescue me
As I go astray

Your love O Lord
Is here right now
Now and forever more,

I cannot wait
To see you face
Inside Heaven’s door

Our lives we live
Aren’t really ours
They all belong to Him

Although He gives us
Every chance
To do just what we will

If not for Him
Then for ourselves
It’s just not right to do

To follow Him
Do what He says
All will turn out good,

To be a parent
A nun or priest
It’s all in god’s big plan,

Just do what you
Feel is right,
And God will love you so.

Our faith in God
To know Him well
Is such a special gift,

He loves us more
Than we can think,
He’s there to help us lift,

Our hopes up high,
Into the sky
Where He waits for us,

Pray with friends
And family,
Make it a big fuss,

To hope for love
To see His face
Not easy all the time,

But stay by Him,
And you will see,
His love for you in time


One more. Read this one bearing in mind that his new girlfriend had an abortion less than 6 mths ago(not his baby). Even though he hasn’t come home yet(he has slept over at my sisters-her dh is his boss) he has rung and asked for the # of an abortion counsellor I know. god is working! Just hurts to watch my boy make mistakes. Mind you I made some of the same myself, he was born 3mths before his father and I married.

Inside the womb
Of my dear Mother
Another child grows

With hands and feet,
A face and mouth
Ten fingers and ten toes

Some see it as a common pest
They do not want at all

They kill their child
In the womb
They do not care at all

It’s just no fair
For that young child
Not a single chance

One week or five
It’s still alive
Please give it just one chance

A baby in all its wonder
Is such a beautiful thing

When they go
I have to cry
Although with God they sing.

"It is impossible that a child of such tears should perish" St Ambrose to St Monica about St Augustine.


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