Please tell me I'm not alone


…I’m a Guitar Hero addict!:eek: :rotfl: Well, maybe addict is a strong word…but I absolutely love this game! I don’t really enjoy video games which is why I am surprised I like this–perhaps, because there are no winners or losers, you just have good clean fun, you know? My dd takes ‘real’ guitar lessons, and I play piano–and took lessons for years–maybe this is why I like it so? I actually “play” the GH guitar, laying flat on my lap, and like a piano.:blush: I don’t hold the guitar in this game the way it should be held. haha:p I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

Anyways–tell me I’m not the only parent on here who loves this game??:o My dd said last night that we should get two guitars, and I can ‘have’ the original one. hahahaha:rotfl: (I just love this game–I’m on the ‘hard’ level now–for most songs, so it gets even more fun when you start challenging yourself)

Hee hee–anyone else try out this game, and really like it?



You are bringing up images from that South Park episode where the dad decides to play Guitar Hero while his son is asleep…:stuck_out_tongue:

Since then I just can’t bring myself to play it…:shrug: :smiley:


Everything I know about Guitar Hero comes from South Park :smiley:

It looked fun there though! DH and I enjoy the SingStar Karoke games ourselves. He’s got a very decent voice, while I sound like someone’s swinging a bag of cats into the wall, but I enjoy it more, go figure :smiley:


OMG–THAT IS ME. No, kidding.:smiley: Not yet…but we have a pact:blush: that my dd gets 3 turns and so do I. :rotfl: She loves that I play this with her, but she didn’t think I would like it this much.:stuck_out_tongue:

When we first bought it for her, I was like…eh, whatever. But, about a week or so ago, I tried it, and then got better at it…and that’s the thing. When you stink at it, it’s boring. ha But, when you get better…it’s pretty cool.


ROFL–you sound like a bag of bats swinging against the wall…:rotfl:


The same thing happened to my BIL when he was at our house for Christmas. He has a PhD in physics and never, ever plays video games. He got hooked big time on Guitar Hero though. He is now actually wanting to get a console solely for play GH!


:rotfl: funny!

I can’t describe it, but truly, I don’t really ‘like’ video games…this ‘game’ just seems to be less about competition, and more about fun. Somewhat like dance dance revolution, although I don’t like that game too much. I’m always booed.:blush:


WG :wave:

So funny that you bring this up. We do not have this game, but maybe once bonus time rolls around?

Anyhow, I was at Wal-Mart this AM to get new tires on the car and during my wait I played this on XBox for the first time. Starting out, I was really (really) bad, but gradually got better (I guess plaing for 30-45 mins in WM can make you better :blush:) and I have called my BIL to see if I could borrow his. It is a lot of fun. And as you said good innocent fun.

Interesting that you play it like the piano. :hmmm:



hahaha see? it’s a contagious kinda thing, no? ha
Yes…the longer you play…you just want to keep getting better…

It’s kind of weird–yes, I play it like a piano, probably since that is an instrument I am comfortable with. Playing it this way for a while, I don’t know if I could turn the guitar around the way it should be, and hit all the keys I’m hitting now.

My son walked in the room last night…‘Mom, time to grow up.’ My dd turned and said…'you’re just jealous, because mommy is better than you now. ':rotfl: Depending on how you look at that…one could look at that as quite sad. hahaha

I say buy it–you and mamacita will love it…oh yeah, your kids will too.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


You are right it just takes a little getting used to. BIL had it at MIL’s house at Christmas and I was too intimidated to play it.

It is so funny that you posted this thread the day that I actually played it. I could see my kiddos saying “Dad, you have had 5 turns now” to which I would reply, “I keep winning, I cannot stop now, hold on.” :rolleyes:

I think that they would enjoy it as well. Actually the 9 y/o 5 y/o and even (almost) 3 y/o play some games on PS2. They would like it. We are talking about getting a Wii so we will have to see. Hopefully my BIL will call back.


:rotfl: “dad you have had 5 turns now…” ROFL! Yes, well…WHEN you buy this;) …you need to lay out the rules…which my dd agreed to…if you play a full song all the way through (and you rock by the way, if you can do that lol) then you only get that one turn, but if you mess up, get booed, the song stops mid stream, then you get 3 turns. It works pretty well. My dd can play Through the Fire and Flames (look it up on youtube) on expert all the way through, and she gets around the high 80’s:whacky: --she’s quite good! It’s really a hard song–I get booed when I play that one on medium…sob sniffle

How funny that you posted this MM! :slight_smile: The game is not that expensive…what was it, $90 with the guitar? That’s not that bad, oh wait…you need to PS2…do you have PS2 or Xbox? Xbox is better graphics my kids have said…we have PS2. Ok, I’m starting to sound like a total nerd, now.:blush:


Oh yeah, I love the game and I’m not a video game person either unless it’s my trusty Pac-Man. My husband who is a gamer, is quite put off that I am better at him at it too. :smiley: I have 5 stars on medium and a couple gold stars (100%) on medium as well, it just “burns his britches” (he he he).

We late in the game on Guitar Hero, only started playing it about 6 months ago because hubby played it at a friend’s child’s b-day party.


We do have a PS2. I have been -]addicted to/-] playing video games since I was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ and really do enjoy it. I guess it is my ‘release.’ I do not play a whole lot though (too much else going on). I was looking at a few YouTube videos today and the way that people are able to play these games is so sick (poker term). They are insanely amazing. Check out the song ‘Play With Me’ by Extreme on GH 80’s.

I was playing on easy :blush: I was able to get to the guitar competition against the Tom M. but lost.

Okay we are both :nerd:s now. I think that it (like other games) just takes some practice to get used to it.

We are pretty good about setting boundaries with things like PS2 and the like.


:thumbsup: you rock rayne! aaaahhh–pacman…hey, that was a great game …now the games are too loud, with too much shooting, etc.

It was funny…last night, dd and I were gearing up to play, and my husband is like…‘woah, hang on…I’m watching a hockey game in here…’ and I said…‘uh, there is a tv in the bedroom.’ (smaller, but whatever) He said, ‘our lives are revolving around Guitar Hero now?’ hahahaha Not revolving…that’s a bit extreme. :blushing:


See the scoring is foreign to me since I have not played it, I guess I will have to learn that as well.


Unfortunately, I can’t look at youtube at work, but I will tonight. My dd commented that there aren’t many girls on there playing a thigh levels…she wants to be on youtube with this.:o I am not keen on kids being visible on the internet with pics, and such. I have always felt that way about myspace, facebook, just my own thing. But, I’m not sure if this would be different.

We bought our son PS3 for Christmas…wow, that’s like watching a movie…the graphics look amazingly real. He is more into strategy/war type games…I absolutely loathe those types of games…how weird that you call it a release. I liken this game to working out, where when you exercise, you know how you have to count the reps, keep focused…hard for stressful thoughts to intercede…same with GH. Not that I’m all that stressed, but it really is a fun way to dabble in virtual reality for a while. Plus–you feel so good when you finish a song. It has taken me about two weeks to go to hard, about an hour a night…(ok maybe 2 on some nights haha)…so, you will be a rockstar before you know it.:wink: :smiley:


There really is a lot that goes into playing that game. A ton of hand eye coordination and it is a work out for the brain. That is why we are looking at getting a Wii, so that the kiddos can actually be active when playing a game. DD (5) is actually really good a bowling.

That is just so strange that you started this thread after I (finally) started playing this.



That is insane. WOW! That looks next to impossible. She must be really good.


Growing up i played a lot of video games, and i still love to play, but i definitely don’t as much. That being said, i played GH for the first time at a friends house and i love it. i am thinking about buying it for my PS2. My wife even tried it a couple times, but i dont think she likes it as much.

Also, wait til you try Rock Band. Now that is some serious fun. If you. Guitar is basically the same, except they have a bass guitar as well as vocals and drums.

Fun times for sure!


You are definitely not alone. I bought the game for my younger grandchildren 8 and 10. Their mother is now hooked as well as their older sister, 14. My 35 year old son goes to a friend’s house and plays it there. Says it’s way cool!!

Reminds me of the time when he was a teen-ager and called me upstairs to hear some really neat music. I had to laugh. It was Led Zepplin. Stairway to Heaven I think.

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