Please tell me this is NOT Catholic.....


If it is I will vomit…


Yup 2 scantly clad girls dancing on the Altar for an audience followed by cheers and clapping … been there seen that!

It is definately someone’s idea of Catholic but certainly not anyone before VII


Based on the position of the altar it’s probably Anglican/Episcopal.


so i guess you have your answer!! definitely not catholic. weird video


They put their altars the same place we do, unless they’ve changed in the last couple of years.


Most likely Episcopalian. If it was Catholic the altar rail would be ripped out. And from the position of the gospel on the altar it looks like the “priest” would be facing liturgical East (another reason why it is most likely not Catholic).


Doesn’t it just lift your spirits and bring you into closer union with Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist?

You neither, huh?

It must be Episcopalian. No Catholic church with pews behind the altar would have ever left such a nice communion rail intact, or an altar that isn’t shaped like a cube.


Well, you do have a point there. Unfortunately.


I think you’re right about the denomination, but don’t forget that some diocese allow liturgical dance as part of the offertory. In Denver, they do not.


**As this appears to be a probable “other” denomination, the thread is now closed. **

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