Please translate Latin

Please can you tell me how to say this in Latin -‘Through trial to triumph, by faith and justice.’ I know that Per augusta ad augusta is through trial to triumph,(its my motto) but how do you put the rest of it on?Thanks.

*Ahem. *Excuse me, but I believe you must mean that your motto is *Per **a


gusta** ad augusta *-- I have never heard of any connotation of *augusta *to mean “trial”?

For the rest, I would say:

Per angusta ad augusta, per fide et justitia


“Per angustiae ad augusta”

The English word “anguish” comes from “angustiae”

Yes, that would be acceptable, but the symmetry of the two (substantive) adjectives (angusta, augusta) is favorable over the noun-adjective formulation.
(Google would agree – 48,000 hits for the former; 16,000 for the latter)



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