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Hi. I’m studying about a matter and a form of Holy order.
especially St. Tomas Aquinas.

Materia autem huius sacramenti est illud materiale, per cuius traditionem confertur ordo: sicut presbyteratus traditur per collationem calicis, et quilibet ordo traditur per collationem illius rei quae praecipue pertinet ad ministerium illius ordinis.

Forma autem huius sacramenti est talis: accipe potestatem offerendi sacrificium in Ecclesia pro vivis et mortuis; et idem est dicendum in consimilibus ordinibus.

Minister huius sacramenti est episcopus qui confert ordines.

Effectus autem huius sacramenti est augmentum gratiae ad hoc quod aliquis sit idoneus minister Christi.

Contra hoc sacramentum fuit error aerii, qui dicebat presbyterum ab episcopo non debere discerni.

I’m arguing with MCSPX believers on this subject.
Please help Korean believers to have the right faith without falling into error.

Translation can be found here under the section “Holy Orders”. I looked through it and it seems to be a reliable translation but I changed some of the first paragraph:

The matter of this sacrament is that matter through whose passing-on the order is conferred. Thus, the priesthood is passed on through the handing over of the chalice, and so each order is conferred through the handing over of that matter which in a special way pertains to the ministry of that particular order.

The form of this Sacrament is this: “Receive the power to offer sacrifice in the Church for the living and the dead.” And similarly power is conferred in the other orders.

The minister of this Sacrament is the bishop who confers the orders.

The effect of this Sacrament is an increase of grace for the performance of the duties of a worthy minister of Christ

Concerning this Sacrament was the error of Arius [or Aerius?], who taught that the priesthood could not be distinguished from the episcopate.


Sacramentum Ordinis from Pius XII is the most recent (1947) definitive statement on matter and form of Holy Orders. It differs from St Thomas, specifying “that the matter, and the only matter, of the Sacred Orders of the Diaconate, the Priesthood, and the Episcopacy is the imposition of hands…”

The document gives a very brief discussion of the traditio intrumentorum, which is what Aquinas defends as the matter of the sacrament. That is not a necessary part of the rite.

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Thank you very much!!!

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