Please: Urgent Prayers Needed!


Dear Friends,

This is my first post and it is a doozy. A close friend of the family, Kathy, has been recently diagnosed with LAM ( a very rare lung disease).

The disease has destroyed one entire lung and 2/3 of the other. There is no cure and no treatment except a lung transplant. And even then, 50% of tranplantees die within 5 years.

She is a wonderful wife and mother of 4!

We serve an AWESOME God so could I beg you to pray for a
Christmas miracle?

Praise be Jesus!



Will be praying for Kathy’s Christmas miracle.




Kathy is in my prayers.


u got it


I have prayed, & will pray for Kathy.


I will be praying for her.


Will be praying. :gopray:



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