Please visit this site


This is the site of a lady in my parish who lost her husband four or five years ago to cancer. She is raising three children on her own and homeschooling them. This little business is her means of support. Please also keep her and her children in your prayers.


Such a beautiful website, thank you for sharing this :slight_smile:


How thoughtful of you to share. I plan on visiting again!


would you mind if i put this link on my website??

this would help her to get more people to her site? just my little way of helping… :slight_smile:

let me know… the link to my website is on my signature…


What a beautiful selection she has! I’ve long wanted to switch from sending Christmas cards to sending Easter cards instead. I’ve sent the site to DH to see which ones he likes. :smiley:



I don’t think she would mind if you linked to your website but let me ask her just in case.


She said ok! Go ahead and post to your site and thank you very much!:smiley:


Placed a link to it on my website!!! its on the main page…



Awesome. Hopefully it will help her out. Thank you again!


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