Pleasure while scratching


Is feeling sexual pleasure when scratching certain parts of your body impure or is it justified? What about when the itch is unbearable? What about if you are washing or other hygienic practices? What about stimulating certain genital reflexes?


Please Help!


I was wondering if it was a mortal sin to scratch an itch if it causes sexual pleasure ( and you know it will)? What about washing or treating the areas that need it?


Please, I don’t know what else to do!


Talk to a spiritual director about scruples. You have them.

If you have an itch, put ointment on it or scratch it. If you’re in the shower, clean your body. I don’t know what on Earth “genital reflexes” even means.

God & you both know whether or not you’re playing with it.


You are really being scrupulous here. Every part of our body can be touched, scratched when itching, and washed. If your intent is to derive sexual pleasure then you can move into sin. But any washing, scratching, or touching any part of your body is just fine.


I posted under your other thread but my answer remains the same. Relax and scratch, wash, and touch any part of your body. If your intent is to derive sexual pleasure then you might committing a sin. Talk to a confessor and FOLLOW exactly what he tells you. You are very scrupulous in this area.


So even if I know it’s likely it’s ok?


So even if I know it will happen it’s ok?


As long as that is not the goal.

Sone things really are that simple.

P.S. Great S/N!! Are you by any chance a medical student?



In order to sin, you need to have a negative intention, which means willing to do something bad.

You should be able to wash yourself without worrying about sexual stimulation and committing mortal sin.

So, if your intention is scratch an itch, that’s hardly a sin. If you think you can use it as a excuse to masturbate, well, then the conversation gets more interesting.

Genital reflexes cannot be mortal sins or even sins if we do not consent to them or intend stimulation.


Thanks for all the feedback


Is this for real?




Good luck.


You post this often. Maybe you are just scratching the surface of a bigger problem. Prayers …


Please seek a Spiritual Director for your benefit.


You have an itch, you scratch it, job done.

If you continue to “scratch it” long after the itch has gone then you may have a problem.


If you are referring to an itch in the genital or bottom area, and are concerned that scratching the itch is sinful, then, let me reassure you it is not. Same with washing the area or applying medicine. Even if you know the action of relieving the itch will also feel pleasurable, no, it is still not a sin. That area of our body does have a lot of nerve endings, and contact there can feel good, but that does not mean it is a hands-off area, especially with regard to tending to an itch or a medical need. For example, if a person has a yeast infection or hemorrhoids, they might experience itching, and so might need to relieve it with special wipes or creams or bathing. There is no sin. The only issue is hygiene, same with all other toileting needs. So address the itching, and follow up with soap and water, not confession.:wink:


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