PLENARY INDULEGENCE: Feast of the Sacred Heart

The faithful can earn a plenary indulgence today (Feast of the Sacred Heart) under the usual conditions by reciting publicly the Iesu dulcissime (the Act of Reparation). If not recited publicly, the indulgence is partial.

The conditions for earning a plenary indulgence:
*]Going to confession
*]Receiving Holy Communion
*]Being free from all sin, even venial
*]Praying for the intentions of the Holy Father (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be)
*]The prescribed prayer (in this case, the Iesu dulcissime)

thanks for sharing such a beautiful prayer :thumbsup: God bless

Being free from all attactment to sin…not that one must be free of venial sins per se.

Thank you Joseph!



What do you do when confession is not offered in your area on that day (today)?

Good question. Another question is whether the 5 necessary steps must be in a certain order and on the same day.

Right…for example…I went to confession last Saturday when it was offered. But I wouldn’t be free from venial sin until after the confitteror…before Holy Communion.

But I have not committed any mortal sins in that time frame…


Thank you for clarifying.

I do not believe they have to be in any particular order. I think there’s a time frame in which you may go to Confession if you cannot go on the same day. Not sure how long it is, though.

I think the time frame for confession is about a week on either side - before or after.

Must one intentionally seek an indulgence or does it “automatically” get applied if someone meets all the conditions?

Traditionally the conditions were to be fulfilled within eight days. However, during the latter years of Blessed John Paul II, this was extended to twenty days.

Though ideally it would all be on the same day.

I am not sure exactly what this means, but in reality, days that have plenary indulgences attached to them (best example: Divine Mercy Sunday) usually also see many of the faithful seeking to gain the plenary indulgence. Their numbers alone usually make it impossible for priests, even multiple priests, to hear all of their confessions. That is why the Holy See has always allowed a number of days before or after the event to fulfill the conditions.

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