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Hi everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve been around. Anyhow, I’ve just come across this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT information that I need to share. If there’s already a thread, I apologize for the duplicate. And I’m not sure if I’m posting in the appropriate section so if I’m not, I ask that a moderator put it where it belongs! Thanks. And now, for the news:

Catholic Church Questions Tetanus Vaccine Targeting Women

Another informative page I’m reading (sources listed at the bottom of the webpage):

Tetanus Shots and Sterilization

I had tetanus shots as a girl and I had a booster recently I have had 4 healthy children, and 2 after my last booster so I doubt this is true also women keep concieving and bearing children daily in africa and other parts of the world

Oh and I recieved my booster for tetanus in mexico and had 2 kids afterwards and know of women in mexico who are vaccinated regularly for tetanus and they have at least 2 kids so I think this is a faulty method of sterilization if any

Good to know. I’m glad you weren’t one of the effected women of this vaccine. But because you weren’t, I wouldn’t discount the realities of the many women who have been harmed.

Thats just it if you really go to one of these places in the world you will see women having babies no problem now in mexico sterilization is sometimes forced by husbands or coerced but through tubal ligation and after the birth of a child. Now it could cause effects right after being administered but long term probably not.

Again, the fact that some women are not effected does not discount or nullify the realities of the women that is has harmed.

I’m glad you were not harmed. The information is obviously not about you, then. It’s about the women the vaccine has harmed.

There is currently question of the vaccine now in Kenya (if you read the first link). There’s a reason why they’re questioning it.

If you want to convince people then use a more credible website, that jesus-is-savior place looks like its run by an even crazier Alex Jones.

All rather looks like Darwin Awards stuff to me - or Darwin Awards Syndrome by Proxy.

I don’t get into convincing people. I shared information … it’s up to interested people to do their own individual reading and comprehending (as I have done).

I don’t judge a website’s credibility by the way it looks. I actually READ the information to determine whether or not it gets any more of my attention. I’ve checked some of the links listed in sources, from the webpage as follows:

Selected bibliography and further reading:

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Additional reading material:

The Population Control Agenda by Stanely K. Monteith, M.D.


    NOW Moves to Squelch Abortion Protest, Free Speech

    Protester Decries Hypocrisy of Holocaust Museum

    U.S. Continues Sickening Procedure!

Written 1/31/99

SOURCE: WINDS - World Health Organization (WHO) and Abortions

And here is where I’m currently at in my research:

None Dare Call It Genocide Dr. Stanley Monteith

I don’t know about you but I actually read, watch, listen and think.

Looking forward to further discussion on the topic of interest for this thread.

Cutting a long story short, which part of your reading list deals with tetanus vaccination?

I stand by my statement. You’re insane. That site includes anti-evolution trip and of course the belief that 9/11 was an inside job. Its paranoid garage just like the opinion piece’s you’ve linked By the way did you miss the anti-catholic stuff there?

As I have already said,

And here is where I’m currently at in my research:

None Dare Call It Genocide Dr. Stanley Monteith

He deals with tetanus vaccinations does he? So, save us the trouble and give us a brief summary.

Give you a brief summary? Are you kidding?

If you’re interested in the matter, do your own research and study so you can participate in a discussion. Otherwise, you’re disrupting the thread and I’m asking you to not do that. I’ve already reported the other person in this thread for a personal attack and for disrupting the thread.

I’m not here to enter into a battle. There is a NEWS ARTICLE and a supporting article with links for suggested further readings.

If people are interested to stay on topic, I’m glad to continue responding. At this point, I plan to abandon the thread for the aforementioned reasons.

These are wise questions that the Church is asking (according to the article).

*The questions the church has put across are;

1- Is there a tetanus crisis on women of child bearing age in Kenya? If this is so, why has it not been declared?

2- Why does the campaign target women of 14 - 49 years?

3- Why has the campaign left out young girls, boys and men even if they are all prone to tetanus?

4- In the midst of so many life threatening diseases in Kenya, why has tetanus been prioritized?*

Apparently,according to the WHO, about 110,000 deaths occur from tetanus infection annually in Kenya. Most of those deaths are of women and children. So, yes, it makes sense to target women of childbearing age for the vaccine campaign. You want them vaccinated so they can survive to bear children and you want them vaccinating their children.

Why not vaccinate boys? Because, frankly, a society can survive with fewer men than women. One man can create many babies in a 9 month period where a woman can only create one. If it’s a battlefield triage strategy, you serve the segment of the population you need the most and then serve the rest when you can.

Why prioritize tetanus? Because we can! This is a purely accidental and preventable disease.

The same questions and issues were raised when the polio vaccine was introduced in Kenya. It’s not a health issue at all. It’s a political issue. Apparently, the program is a government (theirs not ours) health initiative and this particular Cardinal happens to be anti-current government.

Tetanus is a common and fatal infection among infants in Kenya. Vaccinating women of child-bearing age is effective in preventing this disease. Antibodies pass from the mother to the fetus.

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