Plot thickens for 'Dateline' producers

Looks like the Vultures…err…MSM are starting to feed on each other:

Plot thickens for ‘Dateline’ producers
By Paul J. Gough
Aug 16, 2007

NEW YORK – “Dateline NBC” denied Wednesday an Esquire article’s claim that its “To Catch a Predator” producers tried to manipulate Texas police officers into arresting a D.A. who killed himself when confronted by police at his home last year.

Meanwhile, NBC is facing a $105 million federal lawsuit filed by the man’s sister as well as a lawsuit by a former producer who said she was fired because she questioned the “Predator” lawsuit on ethical grounds. ABC News also confirmed Wednesday that its newsmagazine “20/20” was conducting an investigation into the death of Kaufman County prosecutor Bill Conradt and the role of “Dateline” in it.

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Maybe they will cannibalize each other into extinction.

Should be interesting to see how it turns out :yup:

Where I live there was a man who killed himself when a public newspaper made the decision to make public the names of “johns” arrested during a local sting operation.

We believe in sealed confessionals when we confess that we lust after our neighbors wife. Yet we believe it’s okay to publish the names of people who fell in to a greater degree of the temptation before them.

Yet we are entertained by others falling victim to thier temptation. We are a pitiful bunch indeed. “To Catch a Predator” is not a righteous attempt at good will. “To Catch a Predator” is an attempt at ratings and monitary gain, at the deepest and darkest expense of others. “To Catch a Predator” is a disgrace and (by our own definition) a grave sin indeed.

Well, it IS okay to publish the names of those who have committed crimes, that is a matter of public record. And I think the names of johns should be published – we look down on prostitues but they only exist because men want them. The vast majority are addicted or coerced in some way.

I am sorry about your friend who killed himself but that is his responsibility, God have mercy on him.

Yet we are entertained by others falling victim to thier temptation. We are a pitiful bunch indeed. “To Catch a Predator” is not a righteous attempt at good will. “To Catch a Predator” is an attempt at ratings and monitary gain, at the deepest and darkest expense of others. “To Catch a Predator” is a disgrace and (by our own definition) a grave sin indeed.

Agreed. I can’t stand TCaP either – it’s infotainment at best. I keep waiting for some predator to show up armed and blow Chris Hansen away.

I think its far more disturbing that men show up ready for sex with a child :mad:

Agreed, but the humiliation television–cheap and easy and profitable–that is endemic today harms us all.

It flirts with pornography, which, I predict, will be explicit in prime time within ten years.

So it is all of a piece: vice sells, and American buy it and buy into it as never before.

No sympathy here for the predators caught on tape. We’re putting blame in the wrong place for the fallout from exposure, it belongs soley with the perpetrators.
To suggest that keeping names private because that’s what happens in a confessional isn’t right either. People are in the confessional because they are repenting, that is not what’s happening on this show, they are simply caught.
I would like to see far more preventative measures taken in law enforcement, with a greater emphasis on the victims, or potential victims, than we now have. It just crazy that violence actually has to happen before help arrives. Too little, too late.

Mr. Conradt didn’t show up at the stinghouse. He did, however break the law by his overtly sexual chat with what he believed was a child.

Mr. Conradt chose to end his life, rather than pay the consequences of those chats, the enormous amount of child pornography, and perhaps even being “outed” as a homosexual.

Praying for his soul, and for all those who are so spiritually sick, I believe, is a good thing.

Allowing pedophiles to go unnoticed on the internet in silent denial (which, at least, the Dateline shows are breaking up) is not a good thing.

I don’t feel one bit sorry for the Dateline producers. They deserve it. :mad:

The pedophiles on that show deserve to be humiliated. They kill themselves?? That’s on their head, not the producers of the show.

A friend of mine was telling me about his 7 year old playing on the computer, this was totally supervised. He said that out of the blue there was a filthy instant message sent. It wasn’t spam, just someone looking for a sexual conversation. I’m guess with his daughter’s screen name, the creep thought she might be up for something.

Pedophiles like that should be locked in cages. And don’t say “oh they had an occasion of sin”. or “They’re human”. They know perfectly well what they are doing.

I think that a bright light should be shown on all pedophiles once they are found guilty. Their names should be emblazoned in the media for all to see.

I am vague about this particular case, so if I miss something please tell me. If the DA was having sexual conversations with a minor then he should have been imprisoned. I don’t understand the desire to protect his privacy.:confused:

I pity the DA’s family but I feel like his death was on his own hands. His conversations with an underage minor was the cause of his problems.

Let’s pray for his family who must be having a very horrible time with this.:frowning:

Yes, we should have pity for those who are tempted to sin but the actual crimes should make us angry. Especially when it involves children.

Perhaps if more people were embarrassed by these type of acts they would seek psychological help rather then risk commiting crimes.

Johns should not be exempt from the same shame that follows a former prostitute. Imagine how difficult it must be for a woman to get beyond her past if she has an arrest for the crime of prostitution on her record. Why should the John have an easier time? He is doing the same type of crime as she is after all.

Viva la Dateline!

There’s gotta be other alternatives for dealing with pedophiles no? Dateline maybe sinning by promoting drama at the expense of others, but pedophilia is also a terrible sin. Not to mention letting these poor sinners on the internet scott free isn’t a good thing either. There’s gotta be another way.

I’m tired of this thread.

The DA who shot himself in the head did so because he knew he was going to be found out to be a pedophile with countless child pron \image files on his many computers.

How do I know this?

I know this because I was a “Contributor” for Perverted-Justice(dot)com.

You do not like the Dateline series? Don’t watch it.

Yes, it’s a commercial enterprise. So are all the stores that sell Catholic supplies.

It’s smarmy. Yes it is.

But it’s been proven to be a good, if in-your-face, exposition of the terrible … no … HORRENDOUS … fact that innocent children are being exposed to sick, disgusting, evil sexual predators online.

Why am I so strong in my position? Because I worked for as little under a year for Perverted-Justice(dot)com as a Contributor.

Contributor = highly trained online decoy.

I worked a few Dateline Stings, but worked mostly did “indepentent” trolling.

I was the source of collected evidence for five arrests, all of which resulted in Convictions.

Such convictions do not come easily. MANY criteria must be met. I was trained to meet those criteria.

It was the most disgusting, horrible period of my life - talking to those sick, evil people. I prayed constantly, and I cried many, many times.

But it was the best of me - in terms of Social Justice.

Social Justice includes the innocence of children.

It it estimated that every pedophile has a minimum of 5 children molested in their history.

5 X 5 = 25.

I hope that my efforts saved countless childen, jncluding the estimated 25 children who had already had already probable sexual contact with these sick individuals.

Had they not beeen convicted - and, every one of them, forced to be registered sexual offenders, they would continue to rape children. YOUR children!

You don’t like what I did?

Tuff cookies.

I didn’t like doing it. I hated it, but I was good at it, and knew I must do it.

It has remained a source of nighmares for months.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As Christ’s worldy “enactors,” we must do what we must do to combat the horrors of Evil on every level.

I did that. Dateline TV Shows aside, I did that. For more hours than I care to recall.

If you don’t like knowing the truth, then you are lame.

(I am lame in so many ways, btw.)

So … don’t watch the Dateline shows. But please, DO be aware of the INSTANTANEOUS dangers your children face every time they log on to the internet.

May God Bless Everyone Here,

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