Plot to kill the Queen


A SUSPECTED plot to kill the Queen today at the Royal Albert Hall has been foiled by police.
Four Islamic terror suspects are thought to have been planning a knife attack on Her Majesty, 88.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said it arrested the men — aged 19, 22, 25, and 27 — on Thursday and Friday in west London as part of an ongoing investigation into “Islamist related terrorism.”


That is terrible that they were Islamicists.


But in no way surprising.


This is horrible.


just when one couldn’t think they can go much lower, this comes up. killing an 88 year old woman. God Save the Queen.


Cowards, all of them. They pick on an 88 year old lady.


This is why they will not be successful in their bid to change the world and establish the religion of Islam. They have absolutely no idea about meaningful power. The power is not behind the queen. Hasn’t been for some time now. All it would do is galvanize an entire generation against them. Might as well kill Justin Bieber.:rolleyes: Some of these attempts are getting downright embarrassing for the movement they are trying to portray as powerful and impossible to resist.


This is the worst plot against Queen Elizabeth since:

… and that was the plot of a fictitious comedy movie. That really is Reggie Jackson in an Angels uniform … in Dodger Stadium.

Spoiler: Frank Drebin saved the Queen but nearly killed OJ Simpson.

On the serious side, this incident may possibly jolt the UK Government into taken action against people more dangerous than bakers who balk at baking gay wedding cakes.

… may … possibly …


LOL. I am also reminded of the Mugatu plot to kill the Prime Rib of Propecia.


I worry about the royal family because so many jihadists seem to be from england or live there. I would hate for anything to happen to the Queen or Kate or anyone in the royal family.


My goodness do these low lifes have the nerve to try to kill an eighty eight year old woman.

God Save The Queen


Or anyone else right?


Just wrong.


Of course Catholics have also killed Royal Family members in living memory although in fariness not in the name of the faith.


Assume you mean the killing of Lord Mountbatten by the IRA. One could not deny that that was certainly terrorism.


I would say terrorism provokes terrorism.


They don’t really care about attacking “meaningful power” they seek to attack symbols of power as to spread fear among the ppl. Killing Bieber wouldn’t do much. Being able to kill the Queen is the kind of symbolic gesture they look for (like knocking over the Twin Towers).

I’m glad they didn’t succeed.


Yes, it was. Lord Mountbatten had a uniquely good, respectful relationship with the Irish and vice versa as I heard it - excepting of course the IRA. Tragic.


Good job by Scotland Yard! So many people have been slaughtered by these psychos. We must put a STOP to these Islamic killers. The more defenseless the victim the more they salivate over the carnage. Let us all help to get the job done.


O Lord our God arise
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all

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